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Wtatil Became the Only Authorized Representative of Salam Air in Turkey


Wtatil Became the Only Authorized Representative of Salam Air in Turkey

B2B tour operator Wtatil, which organizes outgoing tours from Turkey to the world, has become the official and only authorized representative in Turkey of Salam Air, an Oman-based airline company that stands out with its modern and young fleet. Wtatil Salam Air

Wtatil and Salam Air Collaboration Ceremony at Swissotel Bosphorus: Su Soley Gave a Concert

Wtatil, which was founded in 2018 with the vision of contributing to the discovery and enrichment of world cultures and started to serve as an outgoing tour operator, has increased its power in the airline by adding a new one to its collaborations. By signing an agreement with Salam Air, Wtatil became the official and only authorized representative of the Oman-based airline company in Turkey. The signing ceremony between the two brands took place at Swissotel Bosphorus with the participation of business partners, industry stakeholders and media representatives. Musician Su Soley also gave a concert at the launch.

Salam Air and Wtatil Partnership: Big Goals and Affordable Prices for 2024

  • Within the scope of international cooperation in the field of tourism and travel, the parties announced that they agreed on Salam Air’s 10-fold growth target based on the number of passengers and turnover for 2024.
  • Oman’s young low-cost airline, Salam Air, entered the airspace in 2017.
  • It serves various domestic and international routes from Muscat, the capital of Oman.
  • Drawing attention with its modern and young fleet, Salam Air has a total of 14 aircraft in its fleet, including 6 Airbus A320neo, 7 Airbus A321neo and 1 Airbus A321.
  • It operates flights to various destinations mainly in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Salam Air made its first flight to Turkey in July 2019.
  • For passengers who want to travel at affordable prices, it offers an alternative flight option to popular destinations such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Bangkok, Phuket, Colombo, as well as to many points in India and Asia, as well as countries such as Germany and Albania.

Salam Air Strengthens Its Presence in Turkey with Wtatil: New Flights and Office Opening

  • With cooperation; From now on, all Salam Air ticketing and programs from the Turkish market will be made through Wtatil.
  • An agreement was reached between the parties to operate 7 flights per week from Turkey to Istanbul and 2 flights to Trabzon and to develop these flights.

Cihan Saray: ‘We are very happy and excited about our cooperation with Salam Air’

Salam Air Satış Direktörü Mazin Al Salmani ve Wtatil Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Cihan Saray
Salam Air Sales Director Mazin Al Salmani and Wtatil Chairman Cihan Saray

Cihan Saray, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wtatil, He made the following statement about the cooperation with Salam Air: “We are very happy and excited about this agreement. We will introduce Salam Air to the entire agency network in Turkey through Wtatil. Salam Air will now be more visible on both individual tickets and tour packages. We also opened our office belonging to Salam Air in Şişli Esentepe; We are currently at the service of all our agencies and guests. I would like to share another good news; With this cooperation between us, Wtatil will serve as Salam Air’s GSI not only in Turkey but also in Albania.”

Cansu Varlık: ‘We are Excited with the Collaboration of Two Strong Brands’

WTatil Managing Partner Cansu Varlık He said, “Today, we are experiencing the excitement of the collaboration initiated by two strong brands. Salam Air has an important position in the aviation industry with its innovative approach and quality service approach. Wtatil, on the other hand, makes a difference in the sector by focusing on excellence in the holiday experience and guest satisfaction. With this collaboration, we will offer our guests a more comprehensive and enjoyable travel experience by adding WTatil’s airplane package tours to the routes served by Salam Air. “We believe that we will grow further together and strengthen our leadership in the sector,” he said.

Salam Air Sales Director Mazin Al Salmani: ‘We are happy to be in the Turkish Market’

Salam Air Sales Director Mazin Al Salmani Expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation with Wtatil, he said: “Our cooperation with Wtatil will strengthen our brand and enable us to access a wider network. Türkiye is a very special and important destination for Salam Air. Turks also have high demand for our flights. With the strength we get from this cooperation, we aim to improve our flights by adding new routes; We aim to increase the number of our flights, especially during the high summer season. “We are happy to be in the Turkish market.”


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