İstanbul Helicopter Tour
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Istanbul Private Helicopter Tours


Join the private helicopter tour right away with the destinations determined according to the time you choose, specially prepared for you and your family.

You determine the day, time and route, we will fly it…

On Istanbul, which hosts unique beauties; On the route that you will determine at the times you want…

Istanbul Helicopter Tour Every Day!

From IHT Heliport at the desired time of the day or from a point you determine in the city center, at the times you want and only for you.
Our panoramic helicopter tour, where you will watch all the historical, cultural and natural beauties of Istanbul from the sky.

*Prices mentioned above are valid prices in case of IST departure and landing.

You will rediscover Istanbul.

You will witness the unique and magical beauty of Istanbul from the air on tours with VIP-designed helicopters; You will almost rediscover Istanbul.
An unforgettable experience awaits you on the Golden Horn, Historical Peninsula and Bosphorus line on our helicopter tours, which allow you to visit and see many points of the city from a bird’s eye view in a short time.