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Turkey’s Most Beautiful Thermal Holiday Routes and Famous Thermal Springs Centers


Turkey’s Most Beautiful Thermal Holiday Routes and Famous Thermal Springs Centers

If you are looking for a healing holiday in touch with nature and history, where you will forget about stress and fatigue, you should immediately discover these unique thermal holiday routes and spa centers that offer mental, spiritual and physical renewal opportunities all over Turkey.

Our geography, which has been at the center of the search for “hot water for health” throughout history, has been famous for its thermal resources for thousands of years. These healing waters, which are sought after by many travelers, stand out as being good for various health problems. These thermal springs, which adorn all corners of Turkey, are perfect stops not only for those seeking health, but also for those who want to have a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature and history. While planning your trip, do not forget to experience the facilities offered by the facility you will stay in, the mineral content of the hot springs and other touristic activities in the surrounding area. Here are Turkey’s 10 most popular thermal holiday routes and famous spa centers waiting for you:

Sonbahar Tatili: Termal Otel Nedir? Nerelere Gidilir?1- Muğla

Dating back to Roman times Gürlek Thermal Springs It is located in Milas district of Muğla province. The spa, which has healing waters varying between 30-32 degrees, is known to be especially good for ailments such as gout, back pain and eczema.

2- Ankara

When hot springs are mentioned in Ankara, which is one of the important cities of our country in terms of thermal tourism, Kizilcahamam It’s coming. This hot spring, which draws attention with its history dating back to the Roman and Seljuk periods, is divided into two: Big Thermal Spring and Small Thermal Spring. The water temperature varies between 36-50 degrees.

3- Bolu

Bolu, one of the most beautiful spots in the Black Sea region, is an ideal stop for those who want to find healing in thermal waters in lush green nature. Many thermal hotels in the region welcome their guests with health and wellness services. Located approximately 5 kilometers from the city Karacasu Thermal SpringsBecause it contains thermominerals, it is also used as a drinking cure in the treatment of diseases.

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4- Nigde

Located within the borders of Bor district of Niğde province. Aladağlar National Park Thermal Springs Since it is a part of the national park from which it takes its name, it is a very special place with its natural landscape and beautiful views. You can heal your skin ailments, various diseases such as rheumatism, back pain and stress in the high mineral water at 40 degrees, and enjoy the picnic areas, hiking trails and natural beauties.

5- Sivas

Famous for the “doctor fish” found only here in the world. Kangal Balıklı Thermal Spring It offers a natural solution for the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The healing effect of these small fish attracts many people to this special spa. Located in green nature Vadi Thermal Springs (Eşmekaya Thermal Spring)It is also a popular destination for nature lovers with its surrounding walking tracks, trekking routes and picnic areas.

Termal Turizmde Hedef6- Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar, which has the title of Thermal Capital of Turkey, is famous for its mineral-rich waters. Gazlıgöl, Sandıklı and Hüdai thermal springs, with temperatures varying between 42 and 53 degrees, are especially preferred for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Especially in the Sandıklı district, which is legendary with its history dating back to the Phrygians. Hudai Thermal SpringsIt is defined as the elixir of youth and beauty because it has a high sulfur content.

7- Yalova

Known for its proximity to Istanbul, Yalova is one of the first preferred routes for thermal holidays. The facilities in Armutlu and Termal districts offer both healing waters and a peaceful escape in nature. Ranked first among the most popular hot springs in the city Armutlu Thermal Spring , a mineral water with hyperthermal and hypotonic properties. The spa water, which has a very high radioactivity, is suitable for bathing and drinking. The temperature of the water varies between 57 degrees and 73 degrees.

8- Diyarbakir

Çermik Thermal Springs Its water is rich in iodide and bromide and also has radioactive properties. For this reason, it is used in the treatment of various health problems such as inflammatory rheumatism, polio, skin diseases and gynecological diseases. There is also a special belief about the Belkıs Bath here. According to local legend, when women who want to have children bathe in this bath, their wishes can come true. For this reason, the bath attracts great attention, especially from female visitors.

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9- Bursa

The historical baths and modern thermal hotels in the Çekirge region of Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, provide healing to visitors and take them on a journey to the past. Located in İnegöl district of Bursa Oylat Thermal Spring It is preferred with the belief that it can heal even someone on their deathbed. This belief comes from the story that tells that a girl who was struggling with an incurable disease during the Byzantine Empire was saved from death by bathing in this hot spring every day. While you are here, do not leave without seeing Oylat Waterfall and Oylat Cave.

10- Denizli

Pamukkale, which is world-famous for its white travertines and hot thermal waters, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List with its area combined with the Hierapolis Ancient City. Travertines of Pamukkale The temperature of the water coming out of it varies between 33 and 36 degrees. In addition to spending time in the hot thermal pools, you can visit the ancient theater and have an experience intertwined with history. Another spa center suggestion in Denizli is indoor and outdoor swimming pools with hot waters varying between 46-48 degrees, SPA and wellness center, sauna, Turkish bath and massage, which provide healing services. Yoncalı Thermal Springs.


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