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Japan Travel Trends 2023: Interview with SKYhub Product Owner Orhan Durmuş


Japan Travel Trends 2023: Interview with SKYhub Product Owner Orhan Durmuş

Factors Playing a Role in the Increasing Demand for Japan

Stating that this is the first time they have encountered such intense interest in their Japan tour, Orhan Durmuş said; He made the following statements regarding the factors behind this intense demand: “I think Japan worked very carefully during the pandemic process. After the pandemic, it remained closed for longer than other countries and destinations. Planned trips to Japan have intensified for 2023 and beyond, as the post-pandemic period lasts longer. Of course, the work of the Japan Tourism Office and the promotional activities carried out on Instagram were also effective in this.

Advice for Those Planning a Travel to Japan

SKYhub Product Owner Orhan Durmuş: Discover Japan with the Japanese Brand SKYhub SKYhub Product Owner Orhan Durmuş emphasized that those planning a trip to Japan should choose the season carefully. Orhan Durmuş’s evaluations on the subject are as follows: “Japan’s season is parallel to Turkey’s. Peak season is at the end of March when the cherry trees are in bloom; It starts with the Sakura era. Sakura Era It lasts until mid-April. Afterwards, Japan receives a lot of tourists during the summer months. Then in the fall Koyo Era starting. There is also heavy tourist traffic during the Koyo Period, from October to January, when the trees change leaves and landscapes as fascinating as the Sakura Period emerge. During these busy periods, prices remain high. The lowest season is January and February.”


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