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Falk Tours Started the Digital Transformation Process in Partnership with PMA Partner and SAN TSG


Falk Tours Started the Digital Transformation Process in Partnership with PMA Partner and SAN TSG

Falk Tours started the digital transformation process in partnership with PMA Partner and SAN TSG.

Falk Tours, the leading DMC in the European tourism industry, has partnered with SAN TSG and PMA Partner to transform its operational and commercial technologies.

After separating its business partnership with Falk Travel and Traveleague, Falk Tours, focusing on becoming the leading DMC in the regions in which it operates, will supply and service numerous B2B customers, including independent tour operator Falk Travel under the management of Dietmar Gunz.

Falk Tours has partnered with PMA Partner and SAN TSG to become one of the important players in the European tourism industry.

With PMA Partner’s knowledge in providing customized technology solutions and the use of SAN TSG’s DMC software Sejour, Falk Tours will be able to offer its customers the latest technology and the highest quality service. Since competitive advantage is a step in the company’s growth steps, this cooperation will allow Falk Tours to grow and serve its customers more effectively.

Specialist travel technology provider SAN TSG has joined forces with Falk Tours and PMA Partner to implement the customized DMC platform Sejour, in line with Falk Tours’ long-term strategic vision. Within the scope of this collaboration, Sejour will be offered and deployed as a comprehensive technology solution in Falk Tours’ six DMCs across Europe. These DMCs operate in Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

The product of the combined capabilities of PMA Partner and SAN TSG, the integrated system has been meticulously designed to serve as the backbone of Falk Tours’ business enterprise.

This innovative solution will enable Falk Tours to scale its operations and deliver innovative products to the industry, meeting a variety of consumer and corporate needs from supply to distribution.

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Giovanni Cocco, Falk Tours CEO, Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, he said: “Falk Tours has a rich history of success in the tourism industry and our strategic vision includes expanding our products to the international market. To achieve this, we looked for a technology solution provider with a deep understanding of the global tourism industry. With a track record of delivering seamless integration solutions, SAN TSG, along with leading travel technology integrator company PMA Partner, emerged as the ideal partner for this transformation journey. “We are excited to collaborate to increase efficiency and significantly impact the industry.”

Torsten Lampe, PMA Partner Co-Founder and Managing Director , shared his views as follows: “With our years of experience in travel technologies, we have identified the challenges faced by integrated tourism companies. PMA Partner’s mission is to optimize this complex structure, ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness. After understanding Falk Tours’ goals, we prepared a solution that would quickly position the company as a leader in the market. “We are excited to be part of this journey and pioneer the future of travel technologies.”

Erol Türk, SAN TSG & Paximum Chairman of the Board , added: “We are pleased to be chosen as a technology partner in multiple destinations to contribute to Falk Tours’ digital transformation in Central Europe. Our collaboration extends beyond Sejour to include Paximum Global Marketplace, a subsidiary of SAN Turizm Software Group. Additionally, we believe that Falk Tours will be a highly strategic and valuable supplier to Paximum Global Marketplace as a strong DMC in the six destinations in which it operates.

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Giovanni Cocco / Falk Tours CEO

Torsten Lampe / PMA Partner Founding Partner and Managing Director

Erol Türk / SAN TSG & Paximum Chairman of the Board

About Falk Tours: Falk Tours is a well-established Destination Management Company. It originates from South Tyrol and is part of the Falkensteiner corporate group. The company, which has offices in Italy, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Poland, has decades of experience in hotel rental and international sales.

Falk Tours specializes not only in classic contracts but also in product thinking and product innovation. Thanks to its wide network in destinations, it can offer services for special interests at attractive prices for international markets. At the same time, the need to digitalize working processes is constantly increasing, and the cooperation with SAN TSG and PMA Partner is being taken to a higher level in order to keep up with the innovations of the age and act with a modern structure.

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About PMA Partner: PMA Partner is a Munich-based consultancy company specializing in travel technologies. The company, which has offices in Munich, Antalya and Istanbul, provides support to tourism businesses in the processes of evaluating, selecting and integrating the best technology solutions in line with their commercial goals. With its team of experts, PMA Partner works closely with its customers to ensure efficient processes, digitalization and automation, optimizing the entire tourism industry’s important chain, including Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies (DMC), Airlines Companies and Accommodation Establishments.

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About SAN Tourism Software Group: SAN TSG was established in 1992 in Marmaris district of Muğla and then continued its activities in Antalya, the capital of tourism. The products developed specifically for the tourism sector by SAN TSG, which produces software solutions in the field of tourism and travel technologies, are actively used in more than 74 countries today.

The company has become a pioneer in the industry by developing many modules and new main products, especially Incoming Tour Operator Software Sejour and Tour Operator Software TourVisio. In addition to the main products used by thousands of hotels and agencies in Turkey and abroad, industry-specific accounting software Abacus, B2B/B2C systems, web services, Hotel2Sejour used between hotels and agencies, and aircraft XML platform SANFlight are important products of the sector.

Founded in 2015, Paximum Global Travel Marketplace delivers the travel products of many incoming travel agencies in the supplier channel and the inventory compiled from Global B2B Online providers to purchasing audiences through different methods.

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