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CHP Deputy Chairman Koza Deputy Tourism Resigned from His Position


CHP Deputy Chairman Koza Deputy Tourism Resigned from His Position

Resignation of Deputy Koza

CHP’s Deputy Chairman in Charge of Tourism, Koza Yardimci, announced on his social media account that he decided to resign from his post. Koza Deputy stated that he will continue his duty as a member of the Party Assembly.

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Koza Deputy explained his resignation with the following words: ‘From the first day I took office until today, I have struggled to have a candidate selection process in accordance with the rules and instructions determined based on merit, taking into account the efforts of CHP organizations. Despite all the warnings and interventions I made, practices that hurt the conscience of CHP organizations and our voters persistently continued.’

Announcement to the Public and the Party

Koza Deputy used the following statements while announcing his decision to resign: ‘To our esteemed people and to my fellow travelers from the Republican People’s Party, of whom I am proud to be a part; As of today, I have resigned from my position as Deputy Chairman, which I assumed with the discretion of our Chairman, and continue my duty in the Party Assembly, to which I was elected with the discretion of my organization…’


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