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Air Astana Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary: ​​The Region’s Largest Airline Group


Air Astana Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary: ​​The Region’s Largest Airline Group

Air Astana has been writing an uninterrupted growth and success story for 22 years, starting with its first flight between Almaty and Astana on May 15, 2002. During this time, the airline has made a name for itself with its award-winning customer service, operational efficiency and high safety standards. Air Astana Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary

Air Astana has managed to achieve stable profitability without any shareholder or government funding support. Today, Air Astana Group, consisting of flag carrier Air Astana and low-cost carrier FlyArystan, is the largest airline group in the Central Asia and the Caucasus region in terms of fleet size and revenue.

The most important factors behind this success are the importance given to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Air Astana Group continues to maintain its regional leadership in the aviation industry with its strong financial structure and expanding flight network.

Air Astana Group was offered to the public on three stock exchanges in 2024: Net Profit of 68.7 Million USD was Achieved in 2023

Remarkable achievements over two decades have culminated in the successful IPO of Air Astana Group on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Astana International Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in February 2024. This major corporate milestone follows continued financial success in 2023, with the group achieving a net profit of USD 68.7 million on turnover of USD 1,175 million. The group paid over 100 million USD in taxes in 2023 and invested approximately 7 million USD in personnel development.

Air Astana Group CEO Peter Foster: We Are Grateful As We Celebrate Our 22nd Anniversary

Air Astana Grup Başkanı ve CEO'su Peter Foster
Air Astana Group President and CEO Peter Foster

Air Astana Group CEO Peter Foster said: “We have a lot to celebrate as we leave our 22nd year in business behind. “I am grateful to my more than 6,000 colleagues for their loyalty and support, and to the millions of customers who choose us,” he said.

Air Astana Group Expands Its Fleet: Deliveries of 51 Aircraft and New Boeing 787 on the Way

Air Astana Group has continued to grow its fleet over the past 12 months and currently operates a fleet of 51 aircraft comprising Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. More deliveries are planned until the end of 2026, with the first of three wide-body Boeing 787s to be used on new long-range flights in 2025.

Air Astana and FlyArystan Carried 8.1 Million Passengers in 2023: Flight Network Expanded to 63 Destinations

Air Astana 22. Yılını Kutluyor: Bölgenin En Büyük Havayolu Grubu
Air Astana Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary: ​​The Region’s Largest Airline Group

During 2023, Air Astana and FlyArystan carried a total of 8.1 million passengers and the flight network expanded to more than 90 international and domestic routes, serving 63 destinations. Major international markets include destinations in Central Asia, China, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, UAE and the UK.

Air Astana Group Opened Its New Flight Training Center in Astana and Completed its First Airbus C-Check

Air Astana Group officially opened its new Flight Training Center in Astana in September 2023, certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and equipped with a full flight simulator along with emergency training simulators. On the technical front, the airline has successfully completed its first six-year C-Check on an Airbus aircraft.

Air Astana Crowned Service Excellence with APEX and Skytrax Awards

Air Astana continues to place a high priority on delivering service excellence. It was pleased to receive the APEX Awards for “Best In-Flight Service” and “Best Entertainment System” in the Central and South Asia region. The airline also received the Skytrax World Airline award for “Best Airline in Central Asia and the CIS” for the eleventh time since 2011.

Social Responsibility from Air Astana: Support with “Zhas Kyran” Program and Flood Aid

The company also attaches importance to social responsibility. Air Astana launched a travel support program called “Zhas Kyran” for gifted children in 2023 and also contributed to help various regions affected by the floods in Kazakhstan earlier this year.


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