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2nd TÜRSAB Tourism Congress: Change and Transformation in the Tourism Sector


2nd TÜRSAB Tourism Congress: Change and Transformation in the Tourism Sector

Opening Ceremony and Speeches

TÜRSAB Chairman of the Board of Directors Firuz Bağlıkaya, TÜRSAB Honorary President Talha Çamaş, TÜRSAB Vice Presidents, Board Members, consuls general, foreign mission representatives, academicians, sector stakeholders, travel agency representatives and members of the press attended the opening ceremony held at Antalya Royal Seginus Hotel.

Speech by Firuz Bağlıkaya

TÜRSAB President Firuz Bağlıkaya emphasized the importance of increasing understanding and respect between societies, as well as the economic contribution of tourism, and drew attention to the importance of common sense for sustainable tourism.

İşbank’s Tourism Banking Move

İşbank Deputy General Manager Sezgin Yılmaz talked about their plans to establish a Tourism Banking field and announced that they allocated 1 billion dollars of resources to the tourism sector and will offer flexible loan opportunities to tourism professionals.

New Generation Tourism and Tourist

In the panel held with the participation of the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Ekonomi Newspaper, Şeref Oğuz, evaluations were made on the future of the tourism sector in 2024 and the characteristics of the new generation tourism professionals.

Change and New Trends in the Tourism Industry

In the panel attended by ICCA Europe Regional Director Efi Koudeli, GAINING EDGE Analysis and Research Director Milos Milovanovic and UNTWO Technical Cooperations Director Jaime Mayaki, issues of security in tourism, digitalization, congress tourism and sustainability were discussed.


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