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Why Does the 100-Year-Old CHP Have No Tourism Policy?


Why Does the 100-Year-Old CHP Have No Tourism Policy?

With its 100-year history, CHP has taken important steps in tourism policies. Drawing attention to the importance of the issue by establishing the Ministry of Tourism in 1962, CHP laid the foundation of the South Antalya project in 1973. The tourism draft prepared in workshops before the pandemic has still not been published. As Turkey’s most read Tourism News site, Turizm Günlüğü, we have accessed this draft of the CHP and reported it for you. CHP tourism program

CHP’s tourism policy aims to cooperate with all stakeholders to achieve economic and social goals.

The final report of the ‘CHP Tourism Workshop’ held at the Istanbul Congress Center on February 25, 2022, was published by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Istanbul Provincial Directorate Tourism Commission. In the report; The emphasis on the image of a country where peace, democracy and freedom is experienced attracted attention. You can read this report from the links below. This new data that we have accessed and reported consists of an unpublished text that emerged as a result of the workshop.

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CHP Turizm Programı
CHP Tourism Program / CHP Istanbul Tourism Workshop

CHP’s Goal of Power: A New Management Approach in Tourism

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) announced a detailed program on how they will manage the tourism sector when they come to power. They plan to implement a new management approach in order to ensure that tourism, one of Turkey’s most important brands, achieves economic and social goals. CHP proposes a model in which all relevant organs of the state as well as civil society are stakeholders in the decisions to be made in the tourism sector.

Past Achievements and New Goals

CHP was founded in 1962 in the IX. During the İnönü government, he gathered Tourism under a Ministry for the first time and emphasized the importance of the issue. The CHP coalition government, established in 1973, laid the foundations of the South Antalya project, which will create one of the largest tourism potentials in the world today. Inspired by these past successes, CHP aims to gain a better place in the tourism world of the future.

New Steps in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, CHP plans to take all the steps that will move tourism forward with the spirit and determination of the 1923s. CHP’s tourism program offers a road map that embraces the entire sector and is prepared with conscious, experienced and ready-to-power staff. The day they come to power, they will begin to implement a new management approach to ensure that tourism achieves economic and social goals.

Preparation with All Stakeholders

CHP prepared the tourism program for two years in consultation with industry professionals, CHP tourism commission members, current employees, managers, investors, operators and other stakeholders spread throughout the country. The program aims at sustainable tourism by working in coordination with relevant ministries and institutions.

Legal and Administrative Structures

CHP plans to make legal and administrative regulations to ensure the healthy development of the tourism sector. These regulations aim to ensure the healthy growth of the sector, to prevent initiatives that disrupt competition, and to make the investments required for planned growth.

Administrative Board and National Tourism Council

Units that will ensure that the tourism sector is managed by state bodies will be supported by structures such as the Inter-Ministerial Tourism Commission, Tourism Development and Promotion Agency, and Tourism Regulation and Supervision Board. In addition, the Tourism Investment and Development Bank will be established in order to increase tourism investments and support small investors.

Tourism Sector Components

CHP aims to create a structure that covers all components of the tourism sector. Representatives from different sectors such as travel agencies, accommodation facilities, guide rooms, airlines, road transportation, maritime lines, food and beverage associations and the entertainment industry will participate in the decision-making processes at the National Tourism Council.

Our Goals: Human, Nature and Economy

CHP’s tourism program aims to develop tourism with a people-based approach. CHP, which attaches great importance to the protection of natural beauties, will take steps to protect nature with the understanding of sustainable tourism. In line with economic goals, it aims to increase Turkey’s tourism revenues and move into a period of planned development in the sector.


CHP promises that when they come to power, they will manage the tourism sector with a more modern, sustainable and participatory management approach. This program will play an important role in tourism reaching Turkey’s economic and social goals. CHP’s tourism policy offers an innovative approach that was created with the participation of all stakeholders in the sector and will shape the future.


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