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Warning from Estonia to Russians: Borders May Be Closed


Warning from Estonia to Russians: Borders May Be Closed

Estonian Police Department Warns

After Finland, Estonia, another European Union member and Russia’s neighbor, decided to completely close its borders. The Estonian Police Department warns Russians about the possibility of closing the Russia – Estonia border in the near future.

Leaflets containing such warnings are distributed to Russians at the Narva Border Gate, which is used especially for land crossings. In the press release made by the Estonian Police Department, it is stated that the border may be closed due to “immigration pressure”.

Points Highlighted in the Report

“In recent weeks, Russia has deliberately sent a group of foreigners who do not have the right to enter the European Union to the Estonian border,” the report says. Estonian authorities state that “if this activity continues” they will have to close the border, as in Finland.

In mid-November 2023, the functioning of checkpoints on the Russian border in Finland began to be limited, and all border checkpoints were closed by the end of the year. The Finnish government announced that it took these measures to reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering the country from Russian territory.


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