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Villages of Edremit with Sea and Kaz Mountains Views


Villages of Edremit with Sea and Kaz Mountains Views

Villages with sea views in Edremit district of Balıkesir. These places, which used to be villages, are located at the foothills of the Kaz Mountains, which became neighborhood status with the Metropolitan Law in 2012. Many of these villages have magnificent natural beauty overlooking the Aegean Sea. Here are the Villages of Edremit with Sea and Kaz Mountains Views!

Narlı Village is known as the village with the highest oxygen content in the Kaz Mountains in Edremit. The air circulation in the Mıhlı and Şahindere valleys on the east and west sides of the village brings the oxygen in the atmosphere to the second place in terms of oxygen in the world after the Alps, according to measurements made here.

This news was published by Deniz Sarı on her YouTube channel, titled “Edremit’s Sea and Kaz Mountains View Villages!”, which is about the unique villages of Edremit that combine the sea and the Kaz Mountains. Compiled from the video titled.

Narlı District

It is particularly known for its Southern groves for olive oil production. Doyuran Village, one of the hidden villages of the Aegean, was founded when the Tahtacı Turkmens, who lived a nomadic life, settled down with the Settlement Law enacted during the Ottoman period. The village is located at the top of the valleys formed by streams descending from the high parts of the Kaz Mountains to the Aegean Sea.



Papazlık, also known as Papazlık, is a village surrounded by natural beauties and history. Formerly known as Papazlık Village, it is known as a place where asthma patients find healing. Altınoluk, which is 24 km away from Edremit district centre, is known for its nature and clean air, but its rapid growth and concretion in recent years has been causing concern for those living here.

Avcılar Village

It is located 6 kilometers from Altınoluk and 5 kilometers from Kazdağı National Park. To reach here, there is a road connecting to the 2-kilometer section of the Izmir-Çanakkale E87 highway. It is possible to reach Avcılar District via this road. The neighborhood is located in the north of the Kaz Mountains and attracts attention with its natural beauty. It is an ideal settlement for nature lovers, especially due to its proximity to Kazdağı National Park.

Çamlıbel Village

It is known as a peaceful village to get away from the city crowd and noise. Located 17 kilometers away from Edremit district, Çamlıbel is established on the Aegean slopes of the Kaz Mountains, overlooking the Edremit Gulf from a green valley. This place, which was formerly known as the ‘wooden village’ because the houses were built in the form of wooden shacks, changed its name to Çamlıbel in 1972. You can visit Kazdağı National Park, located right behind the village, go on nature walks and camp. Visitors to Çamlıbel village can also visit the grave of Tuncel Kurtiz.

Yassıçalı District

If you want to have comprehensive information about Tahtacı Turkmen culture and traditions, you can go to this village. Yassıçalı District is located on the right before entering Güre Village, approximately 1 km above.

Güre Village

Güre is a historically rich holiday resort that has hosted many different civilizations. When you come to Güre Village, located in the oxygen-rich Kaz Mountains nature, do not forget to visit the tea garden in the village square!

Kavurmacilar Village

Kavurmacılar Village, located very close to Güre, only 15 minutes away, is known as the village of Sarıkız, where the Legend of Sarıkız took place. This formerly abandoned village is now a village of stone houses rebuilt by those who escaped from the city.

Kızılkeçili Village

Kızılkeçili Village is located only 1 km away from Akçay and hosts many visitors, especially in the summer months, due to its natural beauty and the recreation area within the village.

Beyoba Village

This is a Yörük village with a Gulf view of the Kaz Mountains overlooking the Aegean Sea… When you come to this village, you should definitely see the Sütüven Waterfall!

Pınarbaşı Village

It is a charming village located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains and overlooking the Aegean Sea. Most of the houses in the village are 2-storey, and views of the Kaz Mountains and the Aegean Sea can be enjoyed from the large balconies on the upper floors.

Zeytinli Village

Within the village borders; There are Zeytinli Beach, Satan Creek, Zeytinli camping areas and recreation areas.

Mehmetalan Village

It was founded approximately 200 years ago. The main source of income of the village people is olive growing. At the same time, there are many camping areas established on the Oliveli Stream passing through the village.

Yolören Village

Yolören Village is a small village surrounded by forests. It is a place that fascinates us with the beauty of nature. Residents of Yolören Village are engaged in olive cultivation and animal husbandry.

Ortaoba Village

In the video we shot in this village, we interviewed the villagers and tasted the food prepared at Yoruk weddings in Ortaoba Village, which is a Yoruk Village.

Dereli Village

In a beautiful village surrounded by olive trees, the main source of income of the villagers is olive cultivation and animal husbandry.

Tuğludere Village

Tuğludere Village, which is almost an abandoned secret paradise in the Kaz Mountains, has been erased from the map because it was abandoned at the time… It is now legally connected to the Dereli village of Edremit district of Balıkesir…

Camci Village

We have another video in which we have long conversations with the hospitable village people. Those who have not watched it can watch it on our YouTube channel. We received detailed information about the history, traditions and daily life of the village.

Yaşyer Village

Located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains with its perfect nature, Yaşyer Village looks like a piece of heaven in the Kaz Mountains. It was named Yaşyer because it is a wet place. There is a majestic rock above the village.

Hacıarslanlar Village

This beautiful village, legally known as Hacıarslanlar District, is located at the foot of the Kaz Mountains. Tahtacı Turkmens live in this village, which is only 7 kilometers away from Edremit district center.


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