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Travel Agencies Say ‘No’ to the Division of TÜRSAB


Travel Agencies Say ‘No’ to the Division of TÜRSAB

Travel Agencies Association TÜRSAB Sent a Strong ‘Unity’ Message Against the New Draft Law

Travel Agencies Say ‘No’ to the Division of TÜRSAB The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) came together with 2 thousand travel agency representatives at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center and gave the message ‘TÜRSAB cannot be divided’ against the new draft law prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. . Speaking at the meeting, TÜRSAB President Firuz Bağlıkaya said, “The division of TÜRSAB is unthinkable.”

‘Dividing Travel Agencies Eliminates the Power of Professional Solidarity’

Baglikaya also criticized the article that allows travel agencies to be divided according to their fields of activity. ‘Dividing travel agencies according to their fields of activity is like dividing chambers of commerce into separate chambers according to their types of commercial activities,’ said Baglikaya, and continued: ‘Dividing TÜRSAB means the same as dividing TOBB or eliminating TESK. gives the same result. Just as these are unthinkable, dividing TÜRSAB is also unthinkable. Let’s not forget that TÜRSAB is Unity. In other words, there are selected BTKs that make up the Union. There are separate specialized directorates for each branch such as Health, Hajj-Umrah, MICE. It is not possible to understand what kind of a mind would it be to dismantle the Union when it is possible to put these into law and regulate them by law. Dividing travel agencies into small unions also eliminates the power of professional solidarity. If professional solidarity disappears, it will be replaced by conflicts between ‘Unions’. This will negatively affect Turkish tourism.’

‘We Will Keep Screaming Until The Wrong Is Corrected’

Baglikaya emphasized that they will act together with the former presidents of TÜRSAB and will not stand by and watch it be disbanded, and said, ‘We are together to make our voices heard and defend our rights. Tomorrow we will meet with our colleagues in Ankara. “We will continue to scream until the mistake is corrected,” he said.


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