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Tourist Guidance Law Discussions at the Tourism Commission


Tourist Guidance Law Discussions at the Tourism Commission

Evaluations of DEVA Party Member of Parliament Seda Kaya Ösen

Government Tourist Guide DağDEVA Party İzmir Deputy and Culture, Art and Tourism Policies Coordinator Seda Kaya Ösen said in the Tourism Commission held in the Turkish Grand National Assembly that “The tourist guide profession law, which includes the regulations on tourist guides and travel agencies, and the travel agencies and travel agencies union law should be amended.” He took the floor at the discussions on “law proposal on

Changes That May Create New Problems

Stating that the changes in the bill may cause new problems in the field of tourism, Deputy Ösen warned that the current situation may cause more serious problems.

The Importance of Qualified Tourist Guides

Emphasizing that tourist guiding should be seen not only as a profession but also as goodwill ambassadors introducing the country to the world, Ösen stated that guides play an important role in improving the image of the country and guiding tourists.


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