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Tourist Guidance and Problems in Turkey


Tourist Guidance and Problems in Turkey

The Complexity of the Tourist Guide Profession in Turkey

Although there are 13,375 licensed tourist guides in the country, only 9,556 are actively working. The remaining guides have left the profession due to reasons such as not being able to find a job and not earning enough income.

Challenges of Tourist Guiding

Cüneyt Sadıç, one of the lecturers of Marmara University Tourism and Hotel Management Department, drew attention to the difficulties of tourist guiding in Turkey and said: ‘The tourist guiding profession is full of difficulties. Guides, who can only find work for 100-120 days, have difficulty providing quality service to tourist groups.’

Call to Support Tourist Guides

Cüneyt Sadıç, ‘It’s Time to Protect Our Tourist Guides!’ He wrote an article under the title and drew attention to the difficulties in the sector.

Requests for Changes in the Guidance Profession Law

Requests for changes in the tourist guide profession law of agencies that have a corporate structure and are financially strong and cannot afford tourism components such as hotels, airlines and transportation are on the agenda in the parliament.


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