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Tourism Law Changes and Pre-Election Strategic Moves


Tourism Law Changes and Pre-Election Strategic Moves

Law Changes and the Tourism Industry

Could the critical amendment proposals in the ‘Tourist Guide Profession Law and Travel Agents Association Law’ prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, signed by AKP MPs and sent to the parliament, be a test for the government on the eve of the 2024 local elections? Are these strategic steps limited to Minister Ersoy’s initiative, or are they part of a broader political strategy?

Reaction of Agencies and Guides

Protest Voices Are Rising from Agencies: Ersoy’s moves against travel agencies are drawing reactions and are being protested in many provinces of the country.

Intra-Government Dynamics and Political Maneuvers

How Will Minister Ersoy’s Political Moves Affect Intra-Government Dynamics Before Local Elections? How will the reactions of professional groups in the tourism industry affect positions and political maneuvers within the government?


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