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Things You Must Know Before Traveling to Qatar


Things You Must Know Before Traveling to Qatar

We have brought together for you the most frequently asked questions and answers from travel lovers on the internet about Qatar, which is the most remarkable Middle Eastern country of recent times with its rich culture and economic success. With a small country analysis, discover how Qatar stands on the global stage and what it has to offer its visitors.

In Qatar, one of the richest countries in the Middle East and among the First World countries, the effects of Islamic culture are felt in many aspects of daily life. Therefore, those traveling to Qatar are expected to respect local customs and norms. Among the questions that travel lovers frequently ask in search engines, there are issues such as Qatar’s clothing rules, language, headscarf requirement, visa fees, and proximity to Dubai. Here are the curious things about Qatar:

Katar'da yaşam
Lusail Marina / Qatar invites you to experience family-friendly attractions visa-free.

How to dress in Qatar? Can men wear shorts in Qatar?, Is headscarf compulsory in Qatar?, Is revealing clothing prohibited in Qatar?

  • Clothing in Qatar is generally conservative. For women and men, it is preferable to avoid overly revealing clothing. There is no dress code for non-Qatari women. It is generally acceptable for men to wear shorts, especially in tourist areas and on beaches. However, it is considered more appropriate to wear trousers in more formal or religious venues.
  • Although it is not mandatory for foreign women to wear a headscarf in Qatar, covering the head when visiting religious sites such as mosques is considered a show of respect.
  • Overly revealing clothing is generally not recommended, especially in public areas, as it may cause discomfort among locals. Women are expected to dress to cover their shoulders and knees.

Information note: Greetings in Qatar; Qatari women do not shake hands with men, and most men do not shake hands with women as a sign of respect. As in all Middle Eastern countries, overt displays of affection and physical intimacy are not welcomed in public spaces in Qatar.

What is prohibited in Qatar? Smoking and alcohol use

  • Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces, including museums, sports clubs, shopping malls and restaurants. People who violate this rule may be fined 1,000 to 3,000 Qatari riyals.
  • In Qatar, alcohol sales can only be made at certain points and hotels. Bars in hotels can also be entered by showing a passport. Foreigners living in the country can only buy alcoholic beverages with a certain amount of their salaries.

What language does Qatar speak?

  • Qatar’s official language is Arabic. English is also widely spoken and understood, especially the business world and the tourism sector use English widely.

Information note: Qatar is a monarchy located on the eponymous Qatar Peninsula in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is known for its high level of income per capita, thanks to its large natural gas and oil reserves. Qatar, which gained independence in 1971, has been ruled by the Al Thani family since the mid-19th century. Although the official language of Qatar is Arabic, English, Urdu, French, Malayalam and Tagalog are also widely used languages, due to the large number of foreign population living here.

katar aile tatiliWhat does Visit Qatar mean?

  • It is a country promotion platform created by the Qatar National Tourism Council to inform tourists who will go to Qatar. It plays a major role in promoting Qatar as a leading tourist destination and offers a friendly welcome to visitors from around the world. If you are looking for a full guide about Qatar, including inspiring stories, practical information, travel guides, maps, information from local experts and must-see places, you can visit “”.
Katar doha
Hamad International Airport in Doha, which hosts more than 30 million passengers annually, is one of the busiest transportation points in the world.

How much is a Qatar visa?

  • The current fee for a Qatar visa varies depending on the type of application and the country where the application is made. For current fees, it is best to get information from Qatar’s consulates in Turkey or official visa application centers. Qatar offers visa-free entry to citizens of 102 countries. Turkey is one of the countries that has the right to enter visa-free for 90 days. Click for information about visa. It is forbidden to bring alcohol into the country with passengers.

Information note: Qatar launched the electronic travel permit system on September 27, 2017. With this system, it has become easier for passengers who have a valid residence permit or visa from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Schengen countries, Australia, Canada, England, USA or New Zealand to enter the country. By submitting the necessary documents, you can enter the country by obtaining an ETA document online.

Pearl Qatar: Discover this fascinating Island where luxury, entertainment and a prosperous society come together.

What is Qatar famous for? What to buy from Qatar?

  • Qatar is known for having one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. It is also famous for its luxurious lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, high-tech city infrastructure and sporting events. Qatar is the first country in the world to make purple dye from seashells. The dye used for noble people’s fabrics is a very rare product.
  • The best-selling souvenirs in Qatar include date varieties, shawls, woven products, the famous Dallah coffee pots (a symbol of the centuries-old coffee tradition), spicy and aromatic coffees, embroidered scarves, and the oud scent unique to Qatar.

Is there sharia in Qatar?

  • Qatar is a country with legal regulations based on Islamic law principles. However, the way sharia is implemented is integrated with modern legal systems and can be applied to different levels for locals and foreigners.

Is Qatar close to Dubai?

  • Qatar is not geographically close to Dubai; Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, while Qatar is a peninsula in the north of the Arabian Peninsula. However, transportation by air is quite easy.

What is the minimum wage in Qatar?

  • The minimum wage in Qatar is determined by the government and updated from time to time. It is possible to obtain current minimum wage information from official government sources.

How did Qatar become rich?

  • Qatar’s wealth is based mainly on its large natural gas and oil reserves. These resources have allowed the country to grow its economy and make investments around the world.
National Museum of Qatar

What is the currency of Qatar?

  • The Qatari riyal is the only currency used in the country and can be obtained from shopping malls, hotels and ATMs around Doha. 1 US dollar is traded at a fixed exchange rate of 3.64 Qatar rials (QAR). Money of 50,000 Qatari riyals and above in local currency (Qatar riyal, QAR) and all other foreign currencies must be declared upon arrival into the country. Jewellery, precious metals or stones with a value of 50,000 Qatari riyals or more are also within the scope of this regulation.

Is Friday a holiday in Qatar?

  • Weekend holidays in Qatar are determined as Fridays and Saturdays. During Friday prayers (approximately between 10.00-12.00) all business and commercial activities stop. On Friday, many stores remain closed throughout the day, but shopping malls open in the afternoon.

How much to tip in Qatar?

  • In most tourist establishments in Qatar, a service charge is included in the bill. However, you can leave a tip of 10-15% as an indication of satisfaction. It is recommended that you carry cash with you for tips.

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