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The Best Times to Buy Flight Tickets During Summer Vacation


The Best Times to Buy Flight Tickets During Summer Vacation

Summer holidays are very exciting for everyone and many people start making holiday plans months in advance. However, flight ticket prices may be higher in the summer months due to high demand. We have listed for you the most suitable times to buy cheap flight tickets for your summer holiday trip and important tips to find economical flight tickets. The Best Times to Buy Flight Tickets During Summer Vacation

Important tips to help you find cheap flight tickets for summer holidays

Flight ticket prices reach their highest levels, especially in July and August, when the summer holiday season is at its busiest. After September, flight ticket prices start to decrease. For this reason, if your holiday plans and travel dates are clear, we recommend that you take advantage of early booking opportunities. In general, the best time to buy a flight ticket for summer holidays is the winter months. Flight ticket prices are at their lowest in December and January, and you can also find flight tickets at much cheaper prices in February and March compared to the summer months.

We recommend that you pay special attention to the flight day. Flight ticket prices will be higher, especially on weekends, holidays and special days. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you can find cheaper flight tickets for weekday flights. If you are looking for a flight between Istanbul and Izmir, the cheapest Istanbul Izmir flight ticket prices start from 1507 TL during the 2024 Ramadan Feast period, which falls in April, while it is possible to find a ticket for 1009 TL in a normal period.

Flight time is as important as the flight day. Ticket prices for flights operating early in the morning or late at night can often be much cheaper than for flights during the day. You should also consider flight times for your summer holiday trip.

Each airline has different services and pricing policies. You can choose low-budget airlines for short-haul flights, where you can buy affordable flight tickets. For long-distance flights, you can consider connecting flights, which offer cheaper flight tickets than direct flights.

Making an early reservation is among the first things you should do to find cheap flight tickets at any time of the year. By purchasing your flight ticket at least 3 months before your flight date, you can easily travel at economical prices, especially in the summer months when flight ticket prices are the highest.

Brief suggestions for finding cheap flight tickets in summer

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The Best Times to Buy Flight Tickets During Summer Vacation
  • Use price comparison sites. It will allow you to easily compare prices of different airlines and travel agencies. Thus, you can find and buy the cheapest flight ticket for the dates you want within minutes.
  • Subscribe to flight ticket comparison sites and airline email newsletters. Flight ticket comparison sites and airlines may offer promotions and discounts in some periods. You can immediately learn about flight ticket discounts and campaigns by subscribing to e-mail newsletters.
  • Follow social media.You can quickly get information about campaigns and discounts organized throughout the year by following flight ticket comparison sites, airlines and travel agencies’ social media accounts.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates.If you can be flexible about your travel dates and flight times, your chances of finding cheap flight tickets for the times you want will greatly increase.
  • Check out one-way and round-trip tickets. While it is better to buy a one-way ticket for some destinations, it can be much more economical to buy a round-trip flight ticket for some places. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully examine one-way and round-trip flight ticket alternatives for your summer holiday flight.

Travel Expert Advice

Some airlines and travel agencies may also offer installments for flight tickets during the summer months. Paying the flight ticket price in installments can also be useful in making a good budget plan.


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