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The Address of the Cheapest Beach Holiday for Russians


The Address of the Cheapest Beach Holiday for Russians

Address of the Cheapest Beach Holiday for Russians: Türkiye

The Cheapest Beach Holiday is in Turkey, Not Egypt!

Egypt was not the most suitable beach holiday country for Russian tourists this winter. According to the data of the Association of Russian Tour Operators – ATOR, a week-long holiday in Egypt can be spent for 40 – 60 thousand Rubles per person, while a more suitable option is offered for Russians traveling to Turkey.

ATOR representatives announced that a one-week ‘all-inclusive’ holiday in a 5-star hotel in the United Arab Emirates costs 400 thousand Rubles, but in Egypt this winter the prices have dropped to 250 thousand Rubles.

Russian tour operators state that there is a 30% price discount, especially for Red Sea holidays.

According to Izvestia Newspaper, European tourists staying away from the region due to the operation in Gaza forced hotels to reduce prices.


Egypt Establishes New Tourism Region

Industry representatives do not expect a large increase in Egypt tours in Russia. According to the news of Türkrus; The number of flights between the two countries is not sufficient for a large influx of tourists. Turkey continues to be the most convenient and enjoyable beach holiday destination for Russians.


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