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The 5 Most Luxurious Shopping Streets in Istanbul


The 5 Most Luxurious Shopping Streets in Istanbul

These luxury shopping streets of Istanbul offer excellent options not only for shopping, but also for experiencing the dynamic atmosphere of the city and having a pleasant time. Each of them, with its unique character and unique experiences, is among the places you should definitely visit during your visit to Istanbul. Istanbul shopping streets.

Here are the 5 most luxurious streets, the heart of shopping and elegance, waiting for you on both sides of the city:

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Bağdat Street / Kadıköy

bagdat Street

Bağdat Street, popularly known as ‘Cadde’, is a famous 14 km one-way street located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. I am sure that you will always be fascinated by its eye-catching storefronts whenever you step into Bağdat Street, which is a favorite among shopping enthusiasts with its stylish stores, international brands and decent cafes. You should definitely try the pleasant shopping experience offered by the street, which is a frequent destination for families, young people and tourists, especially on weekends. To relax after shopping, you can eat delicious products at a stylish restaurant or cafe, or go down to Caddebostan Beach and breathe in the sea air. When it gets dark, you can enjoy the nightlife.

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Istiklal Street / Beyoğlu Taksim

Istiklal Street / Image: Depositphotos

Istiklal Street, which we can call the heart of Beyoğlu district, is a popular street located between Tünel Square and Taksim Square. The street, which has maintained its title as the most popular street in Turkey from the late 19th century to the present day, is 1.4 km long. Offering an experience intertwined with history, Istiklal Street appeals to all tastes by offering a wide range of shopping opportunities, from bookstores to vintage stores, from local designers to world brands. After shopping at this popular stop, you can either visit the art centers that host different free exhibitions, or take a nostalgic tram ride down the street.

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Teşvikiye Street and Abdi İpekçi Street / Maçka-Nişantaşı

Teşvikiye Street

Teşvikiye and Abdi İpekçi Street, which are streets with luxury clothing stores in Şişli district, extend from Maçka district to Nişantaşı district. While walking around Teşvikiye Street, where Inditex group brands are located, you will not understand how the day goes in the designer boutiques, modernly designed cafes and restaurants, and local and foreign stores. Abdi İpekçi Street, which runs parallel behind Teşvikiye Street and takes its name from Journalist and Writer Abdi İpekçi, who was killed on his way to his home here on February 1, 1979, is a paradise especially for those who follow fashion closely. Do not return without doing the activities you like in these streets, which attract attention with their cosmopolitan structure.

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Galataport için sıraya girdiler
Galataport Istanbul

Galataport Istanbul is of course not a street, nor does it have an area that can be defined as a street. However, this place, which takes the open-air shopping experience to a new dimension, offers an atmosphere where visitors can enjoy shopping with shops opposite each other with luxury brands. Therefore, it would be remiss not to mention this special place in my article. For those wondering, Galataport Istanbul; The world’s first underground cruise terminal. This place, which stands out with its modern architecture and fascinating location overlooking the sea in Karaköy, presents itself as one of the new life centers, full of shopping, food and beverage and culture and art activities, as of 2021. After shopping, you can watch Istanbul from the coastline, see the luxury cruise ships up close if you are lucky, or visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

To see Galataport Istanbul from the 15th floor of the Luxury Cruise Ship, you can check out my Instagram account @fotokusagi.


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