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Striking Views for TÜRSAB – Cem Polatoğlu’s Analysis


Striking Views for TÜRSAB – Cem Polatoğlu’s Analysis

Call for TÜRSAB

Clear Statement of Main Issues is Important
Experienced tourism industry representative Cem Polatoğlu shared his important opinions about TÜRSAB. Polatoğlu, who worked in the TÜRSAB Consumer Complaints Commission for 19 years, wrote criticisms of the union management. Polatoğlu emphasized that TÜRSAB management should act with a similar approach and that mismanaged processes cause damage.

TÜRSAB Should Not Be Divided, But Sorting Is Necessary

Polatoğlu argued that TÜRSAB should only be a union of companies that organize holidays and suggested a separate structure for different business lines. He stated that business lines such as Rent A Car, Mice and Transfer should establish a separate union.

Meeting between the President and the Minister is a Must

Polatoğlu stated that TÜRSAB President and the relevant Minister should meet face to face and discuss the curves and rights in the law. He stated that delayed steps could lead to outcries in the industry.

Resignation of the President and New Steps
Polatoğlu suggested that in order to prevent TÜRSAB from being damaged, the current President should give up his stubbornness and resign, and that the 2nd President should carry out the negotiations with the state until the elections.


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