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Spending Habits of Foreign Tourists in Turkey in 2023


Spending Habits of Foreign Tourists in Turkey in 2023

2023 Data on the Spending Habits of Foreign Tourists

Mastercard, a global technology company operating in the field of payment systems, published the current tourism report for 2023 in Turkey. According to the report prepared based on the POS expenditures of foreign cards with Mastercard and Maestro logos in Turkey, the spending habits of foreign tourists in 2023 were examined in detail.

Growth Rate of Foreign Cards and Distribution by City

While the increasing trend in grocery expenditures in card-based tourism expenditure transactions compared to last year continues, the cities and sectors where foreigners spend the most were analyzed in detail. The distribution of expenditures made in Istanbul, Antalya, Muğla, Izmir, Aydın and other provinces was examined and the turnover distribution was revealed on a sector basis.

Sectors and Cities with the Most Spending

According to the report, the sectors where tourists spend the most include areas such as jewellery/duty free/leather products, clothing, hotels, restaurants and markets. Likewise, the spending areas preferred by tourists in popular destinations such as Antalya and Muğla were also examined in detail.

Country Based Card Distribution and Turnover Size

The report also discusses in detail the country-based distribution of individual foreign cards spent in Turkey. The shares and turnover figures of countries such as England, Germany, America, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia in card spending were examined in detail.

Key Results and Comparisons

Important results emerging within the scope of the report include comparing the spending habits of foreign tourists coming to Turkey with other countries, determining the sectors where cards of different country origin are preferred, and city-based spending analyses.


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