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Russians Started Searching for Sochi – Trabzon Ferry Lines


Russians Started Searching for Sochi – Trabzon Ferry Lines

Descriptions of Ferry Services by Yuri Vladimirov

General Director of Sochi Port Yuri Vladimirov, in his statement to RIA Novosti, stated that they plan to purchase their own ferries to restart Sochi – Trabzon ferry services. Vladimirov announced that the search for purchasing a ferry has begun.

Planned Start Date of Ferry Services

According to the statements made by Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Erkut Çelebi last year, cargo-passenger ferry services between Sochi and Turkey were planned to start and the voyages were aimed to start in May.

Vladimirov stated that Sochi Port has prepared the necessary infrastructure for ferry services and that ferry services will develop both tourism and trade. He emphasized that the ferry should allow tourists to travel with their own vehicles and have a certain passenger capacity. He stated that they are open to cooperation with both Russian and foreign operators.


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