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Russians’ Dream Holiday Destinations in 2024


Russians’ Dream Holiday Destinations in 2024

Russians’ Destinations for ‘Dream Holidays’ in 2024

Russians announced destinations for ‘dream holidays’ in 2024. Here are the prominent destinations for Russians’ ‘dream holidays’ in 2024…

According to the research results of the “Yandex Travel” (Яндекс Путешествия – Yandex Puteşestviya) service, most Russians (58 percent) want to spend their holidays at the sea in 2024; 23 percent want to visit new cities. 15 percent dream of mountains, and 2 percent dream of traveling to the rainforest. At the same time, more than half of the participants (53 percent) plan to explore new places this year, while 46 percent will go to places they have been before. In the statement included in the research, “As for geographical preferences, 59 percent of Russians want to travel within the country. SUGGESTED READING:The Top 4 Destinations That Russians Will Prefer in 2024 Have Been Announced.

The most popular destination that participants want to go to most is St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, and 41 percent of Russians want to go here. “Then comes the Krasnodar Territory (39 percent) and then Moscow (26 percent).” Russians dream in 2024 Foreign destinationsWhen it comes to this, the most popular destinations among Russians are Europe, neighboring countries and Asia.

In Europe, Russians stated Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and Austria as the countries they want to visit most. Among neighboring countries, Russians most dream of visiting Abkhazia and Armenia in 2024, and in Asia, Thailand, China and Vietnam. According to the news reported by Gazetemru, the following statements were made as a result of the research: “The most popular dream cities this year were London, Rome, Berlin and Vienna. In addition, throughout the research, Russians frequently mentioned Istanbul, Seoul, Prague and Tbilisi.”


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