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Rising Trend in Health Tourism: Detox Centers


Rising Trend in Health Tourism: Detox Centers

The Shape of Tourism is Changing

Conscious tourist masses are looking for what they can add to their holidays, moving away from just sea and sand. Thailand has taken its place at the forefront in health tourism with the increasing number of detox centers in recent years. Especially in Phuket and its surroundings, the increasing number of centers in recent years attracts tourists interested in this area. Transformation Journey of Turkish Businessman Ersin Pamuksüzer: From Career to Health, Reinventing Life with LifeCo.

Ersin Pamuksuzer and LifeCo

LifeCo, founded by Turkish businessman Ersin Pamuksüzer, is among the most popular health centers and serves 50 thousand people annually. Founded by Pamuksuzer in 2005, the center serves a wide audience, from those who want to lose weight to guests who are looking for natural health and happiness. LifeCo, which is also preferred by celebrities, draws attention as an important center for healthy living.


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