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Radisson Hotel Group Announces Guan Xin Program


Radisson Hotel Group Announces Guan Xin Program

Radisson Hotel Group draws attention with its “Welcome to China” program designed specifically for visitors from China. With the opening of new co-branded hotels, it aims to offer a warm welcome to its guests with the amenities offered under this program. These special services once again emphasize how important cultural awareness and guest satisfaction are in Radisson’s hospitality.

Special for Chinese Guests from Radisson Hotel Group and Jin Jiang International: A Unique Accommodation Experience Away from Home with ‘Guan Xin’ Program

Radisson Hotel Group, together with hotel owners and shareholders Jin Jang International, announced the “Guan Xin”(Welcome to China) program, which aims to provide a home-away-from-home accommodation experience for guests from China. This program aims to increase the satisfaction of Chinese guests by increasing the number of co-branded hotels and offering new special amenities. Since its launch in 2019, Radisson Hotel Group will launch eight new co-branded hotels with select Radisson Blu and Radisson Collection hotels in EMEA in 2024.

2024: The Year of Growth and Consolidation of Overseas Tourism from China – Critical Forecasts from Industry Experts and Interest in Europe

Industry experts predict that 2024 will be a key year for the exponential growth of outbound tourism from China, on the heels of the domestic tourism boom in 2023. According to Skift, “While 2023 will be the year when China reopens to the world, 2024 will be a year in which foreign tourism grows and consolidates.” Affluent Chinese travelers show great interest in EU destinations, particularly France, the UK, Germany and Italy, compared to intra-Asian short-haul destinations (13%), and will continue to travel in 2024 with tailored amenities that meet their needs, tastes and cultural preferences.

– Following the first joint brand launch at Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt in 2019, Radisson Hotel Group

– Under the Radisson Blu and Radisson Collection brands in the EMEA region (including France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands markets) in 2024,

– Will launch eight new co-branded hotels:

– Radisson Collection Grand Place, Brussels,
– Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo,
– Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim,
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromso,
– Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm,
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam,
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Milan,
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice.

Special for Guests from China: ‘Comfort at Home’ Experience with Radisson’s New Facilities

All these co-branded hotels will offer a range of specially designed and selected features and amenities to make guests from China feel at home. These new amenities will encompass the guest experience, from Chinese menus to the ability to pay with Chinese UnionPay cards. By the end of 2024, WeChat Pay and AliPay options will also be available for online payments. Guest rooms at co-branded hotels also feature personalized touches such as teapots, premium Chinese teas and Chinese channels, and special menu selections for Chinese-speaking travelers as part of the daily breakfast service, featuring traditional recipes such as congee and noodles, as well as a range of new food and beverage options. . These special preparations are designed for travelers from China and will be available in English and many other languages, in addition to the rich offerings available for other international travelers.

Significant Increase in Chinese Travelers Seeking International Experiences for Chinese New Year in 2024

“In 2024, we begin to see a strong increase in travelers from China seeking unique international experiences for Chinese New Year. As visas for foreign countries become increasingly accessible and international flight routes increase, we hope to see the long-awaited return of travelers from China to the EMEA region. We look forward to welcoming more Chinese travelers with our new Guan Xin program that will make them feel at home,” said Eric De Neef, Chief Commercial Officer, Radisson Hotel Group.

Radisson Hotel Group Expands ‘Guan Xin’ Program to Its Hotels in EMEA Region: Special Services Increase for Chinese Guests

In addition to the co-branding program, Radisson Hotel Group will also offer the “Guan Xin” program at other Radisson Hotel Group hotels in the EMEA region that wish to participate according to the needs and expectations of hotel guests. Currently, approximately 20 hotels in the EMEA region offer the standard “Guan Xin” program to Chinese guests.


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