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Quality and Sustainability Dilemma in Hotel Management


Quality and Sustainability Dilemma in Hotel Management

Short-Term Profit or Long-Term Reputation?

When you open a hotel, no matter how many rooms you have, of course, what you want most is to fill the rooms. You want your hotel to be filled with guests, you want guests from your region, from all over the world, from different cultures to stay in your rooms, to choose you the most, and to have your hotel as their first stop in their travels.

Sacrificing Quality and Guest Satisfaction in Hotel Management for Short-Term Gains

Everything is ready! Your hotel is opening. There is nothing missing in your rooms. Here is a magnificent picture and here we go. We are ready to contact agencies, airlines, and companies through online reservation channels and do our best to sell our hotel.

Sustainable Hospitality: Management Focused on Long-Term Value and Quality Instead of Short-Term Gains

The issue we are talking about here is not let’s bet on ADR, not bet on occupancy, let’s earn more, let fewer people stay, let’s not let the rooms cost more money. Our focus here is to keep the hotel in a salable state not only after five years but also after 25 years.


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