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Promotional Attack in Turkey from Saudi Arabia


Promotional Attack in Turkey from Saudi Arabia

Promotional Attack from Saudi Arabia in Turkey… Saudi Tourism Development Agency took action to introduce the cultural and tourism opportunities of Arabia to Turkish travel lovers.

Saudi Tourism Development Agency (STA) launched a campaign to introduce Saudi Arabia’s rapidly developing cultural and tourism opportunities and attractions to Turkish travel lovers within the scope of its “Vision 2030” strategies.

This project, which is a part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to diversify its promising tourism opportunities, also aims to encourage cultural exchange and strengthen ties between the two countries.

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The promotional campaign titled “Welcome to Arabia: A Unique Destination” aims to introduce Saudi Arabia’s rich historical and cultural heritage, natural wonders and modern attractions to Turkish travelers.

Saudi Arabia is an attractive destination for Turkish tourists looking for new experiences and adventures, with its diverse natural riches, historical sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and lively cities.


Suudi Arabistan’dan Türkiye’de Tanıtım Atağı

Offering a rich range of experiences from the ancient Nabatean ruins of the ancient city Al-Ula to the 1800-kilometer Red Sea coastline, from the cosmopolitan city life of Riyadh to the historical beauties of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia invites visitors to discover its hidden treasures and warm hospitality with this promotional campaign. .


In the promotional campaign carried out in Turkey, special projects will be developed and events will be organized to effectively reach the target audience, and various marketing channels such as digital platforms and social media will be used.

With this promotional campaign, which will highlight Saudi Arabia’s natural beauties, cultural heritage, rich cuisine and adventure opportunities, it is aimed for Turkish travelers to turn their next holiday destination to Saudi Arabia. In addition to promoting tourism, it also aims to strengthen cultural exchange and deepen friendship ties between Saudi Arabia and Turkey.


Suudi Arabistan’dan Türkiye’de Tanıtım Atağı
red sea

Saudi Arabia, one of the fastest growing destinations in the world and taking firm steps towards becoming the most dynamic tourism destination in the world due to its tourism resources spanning twelve months, hosted 100 million visitors from all over the world in 2023 and aims to attract more than 150 million visitors annually by 2030. Promotional Attack in Turkey from Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia plans to increase its room capacity from more than 400 thousand to 854 thousand by 2030, including hotels under construction.

Saudi Arabia, where the world’s most dynamic and diverse experiences-providing destination has been built, rapidly continues its efforts to facilitate access for millions of its visitors.

One of these is the King Salman International Airport project, which will transform Riyadh into a global center and whose capacity is planned to be increased to 120 million passengers annually by 2030.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has provided travel convenience for Turkish visitors with the electronic visa application, visa on arrival or free stopover visa valid for 96 hours.

Saudi Arabia has placed sustainability practices at the heart of its transformation to preserve the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula, providing an ambitious net 30% protected area in the Red Sea to protect the region’s unique coral reefs, mangrove forests and marine habitat, and contributing to the environment, society and society with this renewable-focused tourism project. and aims to contribute to the economy.

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As part of the Red Sea Project, 3.6 million plants and trees have been grown since June 2021, and it is planned to grow 30 million plants and trees by 2026 and establish the largest landscape nursery in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has a rich cultural heritage, with 7 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List and more than 10 thousand archaeological sites. Travelers can experience the authentic charm of ancient Saudi Arabia at Ushaiger Heritage Village, hidden in the heart of Najd, or explore Diriyah, the birthplace of Arabia, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Suudi Arabistan’dan Türkiye’de Tanıtım Atağı

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s cosmopolitan city and an important cultural center, many important events are held throughout the year, from the Red Sea International Film Festival to Formula 1 races.

Al-Ula, which has hosted many civilizations with its ancient monuments, rock formations and historical treasures, including Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomes travelers as a living museum with a history of more than 200 thousand years.

Saudi Arabia has 304 museums, 85 public libraries, 262 theaters and 75 galleries and exhibition halls.

Saudi Arabia offers a variety of nature and adventure activities that appeal to visitors of all ages, from hiking in Jabal Al Soudah to diving in the Red Sea, one of the world’s most spectacular dive sites. Saudi Arabia, the rapidly developing culture, sports and entertainment center of the region, welcomes its guests with different activities and experiences that span the whole year and are not offered in any other destination.


There are also significant giga projects as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 strategy. NEOM is a futuristic megacity project that represents a new future, designed as a center of innovation, technology and sustainability, and includes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and renewable energy sources. In addition, Qiddiya, the entertainment city built near Riyadh, aims to be the world’s first multi-purpose game and largest entertainment city with its theme parks, sports facilities and cultural venues.

As Saudi Arabia rapidly continues its journey to become a global tourism destination, with its promotional initiatives titled “Welcome to Arabia: A One-of-a-kind Destination”, the Kingdom has developed a strategy that welcomes tourists from all over the world and aims to develop in different segments such as culture, nature and adventure tourism. underlines his acceptance.


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