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Night Museology: 5 Ancient Cities You Can Visit on Summer Nights


Night Museology: 5 Ancient Cities You Can Visit on Summer Nights

Museums and ruins visited in crowds all day long on scorching summer days are an experience that most of us are familiar with and have perhaps given up visiting. However, the night museum concept offers a perfect escape from the summer heat to discover the mysteries of ancient cities under the stars. Night Museology.

If you have not yet experienced night museology, we have 5 fascinating ancient cities and museum suggestions that you can visit in the cool of these summer nights. Discover the mystical atmosphere of history at night, away from the crowds of the day and enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Ephesus Ancient City

Müze ve antik kentler.
Izmir Ephesus Ancient City, Celsus Library – Image: Depositphotos

Historical areas such as the Celsus Library, Hadrian’s Temple, Mazeus and Mithridates Gate in the Ancient City of Ephesus are largely illuminated. Yamachevler (200 TL is required for entry)and the last entry time for those who want to visit the Ephesus Museum in Selçuk is 23.00. Museum card (60 TL) This ancient city, which can be accessed via , offers free access for archeology and art history students and visitors under the age of 18. Click to read Tourism Diary MAG 8th Issue Izmir Travel Guide magazine.

Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos Tiyatrosu
Ancient amphitheater Aspendos in Antalya, Turkey.

Aspendos is located in the Serik district of Antalya and is famous for its magnificently preserved Roman theatre. Built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century AD, this architectural marvel has a capacity for 15,000 spectators and is known for its excellent acoustics; Even the faintest whispers can be heard clearly in the theater’s large audience area. Today, Aspendos attracts visitors not only with its theater but also with the ruins of the ancient city; These ruins include an impressive aqueduct system and other Roman structures. Click to read Tourism Diary MAG 5th Issue Antalya Travel Guide magazine.

Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City

The ancient city located in the Manavgat district of Antalya attracts attention with its rich historical texture. B.C. Founded in the 7th century, this old port city gained importance as a trade center during the Roman Empire. Today, it continues to fascinate its visitors with the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Athena and its well-preserved ancient theater.

Hierapolis Ancient City

Hierapolis Ancient City

Hierapolis is an old city located in the Pamukkale region of Turkey and famous for its magnificent Greco-Roman architecture and natural thermal springs. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to B.C. Founded in the late 2nd century, it displays impressive ruins such as its perfectly preserved theatre, extensive necropolis and the Plutonium, dedicated to the god Pluto. Nestled among the breathtaking white travertines of Pamukkale, Hierapolis offers visitors a unique perspective of ancient civilizations and is an attractive destination for those interested in history, archeology and natural beauty.

Patara Ancient City

Antalya / Patara Photo: Gülcan Acar / Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Patara Ancient City is a historical asset located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and considered one of the most important cities of Lycia. B.C. Founded in the 7th century, this old city experienced its heyday during the Roman Empire, especially in the first few centuries. Today, among the well-preserved monumental structures of Patara, there is a large Roman theatre, a restored parliament building where the meetings of the Lycian League were held, various Roman baths and a large necropolis from ancient times. Also noteworthy are the city’s long and complex waterways, and one of the most interesting parts of these systems is the Roman aqueduct, approximately 20 km long.

BONUS: Van Akdamar Memorial Museum

Van Akdamar Adası
Photo by Mert Gündoğdu

Akdamar Memorial Museum includes a historic church located on Akdamar Island in Lake Van, and this structure is considered one of the most important examples of Armenian art. This church, built by King Gagik I between 915 and 921, was built of red andesite stones and both its interior and exterior surfaces were decorated with scenes taken from the Bible and the Torah. It attracts attention especially with the stone reliefs, hunting scenes and various animal figures on its exterior. The museum is open to visitors with its rich history and artistic value, and is also famous for the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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How Long Does Night Museology Last?

Within the scope of night museology implemented by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, our country’s world-renowned cultural assets are specially illuminated and can now be visited at late hours. Museums and historical sites that are open at night welcome visitors until 00:00 during the tourism season.


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