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Muğla Tourist Statistics 2023


Muğla Tourist Statistics 2023

Muğla 2023 Tourist Figures

According to the data received by Tourism Databank from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the United Kingdom took the first place in the number of tourists in Muğla in 2023 with 1.44 million. The United Kingdom closed 2022 at 1.28 million. Russia followed the United Kingdom with 391 thousand tourists. Russia reached 362 thousand tourists in 2022. These two countries are followed by Germany, which has exceeded the tourist level of 226 thousand, and Poland comes after Germany with 221 thousand. The Dutch market dropped to 90 thousand tourists. In 2023, Turks living abroad increased their arrivals to Muğla by 44%, exceeding the 266 thousand person threshold.

Increases and Decreases by Markets

The markets where Muğla experienced a decline in terms of the number of tourists in 2023 were: Netherlands, France and Denmark. From which countries did Muğla receive the most visitors? In 2023, England, Russia and Poland attracted attention with high increases. While the US market grew by 338%; Ireland improved by 21%, Italy by 80%, the Czech Republic by 25% and Ukraine by 60%.


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