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Let’s Have a Luxurious Holiday, but Make It Economical


Let’s Have a Luxurious Holiday, but Make It Economical

You’re stuck on the contradiction in the title, right? How to choose a budget hotel? How can I stay in the hotel I like best for the right price? I came with an article that will answer these questions. Actually, there is no such thing as choosing a budget hotel. If your holiday standards are not economical and minimal, you cannot expect the price of the hotel you choose to be economical either. Let’s Have a Luxurious Holiday, but Make It Economical

Beyond the Ultra Luxury Vacation: How to Find True Happiness

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If you want ultra all inclusive, let’s drink the best drinks, have the richest menu, have a lot of food varieties, eat desserts that I have never experienced before when I go to the dessert buffet, have ice cream buffets, coffee bars, then a hotel of your standard is not actually an economical hotel. I’m not saying lower your expectations and choose a hotel that provides lower services. In today’s technology, the world has become a small city. Everything is in the mobile phones we have at our disposal. Elements such as the power of social media, advertisements, very high quality photo and video shootings, the advertisements of the facilities that turn into a visual show, and the quality of the websites actually provide us with all the details about the hotel before we leave. That being the case, we should move away from all this visual feast, not focus on what people are doing, not follow the trends, take a pen and paper in our hands and focus on what people are doing. “What kind of holiday would make us happy?”, “What satisfies us in a hotel?”, “Which services do we care about the most?”We need to sort them.

I want you to make a layout like this on this paper.

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2024 Public Holidays

1- What kind of holiday will I be happy in?

2- Which of these can I waive in the second column?

So, when I find a hotel at the price I want, which features can I leave aside and focus on the main features? Why I don’t want you to do this in the first column is to see you and your expectations clearly. First, I want you to write down the features of the hotel you want. This will be the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Secondly, if you cannot find a middle ground in the price, it will allow you to give up some features and focus on the main features as a result of your research.

The Most Affordable Hotels, Hotel Prices and Hotel Reservation

Let’s come to the point of “my holiday, the features I want”, which we mentioned in the first column, how can we achieve a balance of price and quality that suits us? For this purpose, both facilities have applications, chain hotels have applications, and travel agencies have applications. Of course, there are also websites, your job is not difficult actually. Once you choose the region, your elimination will be much easier. You can also choose a region with several alternatives. There are definitely places you want to go, places you have experienced and been satisfied with before, or a region we have never been to before. First of all, I want you to filter by determining this region. Then we will start listing the hotels.

Focus on the Experience, Not the Stars: How to Find Real Value for Your Vacation

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List of Chain Hotels in Turkey and Number of Rooms

Don’t worry about the number of stars . Because hotel stars are actually something created by the Ministry of Tourism’s star rating system for hotels that meet certain standards. In other words, there is absolutely no such thing as a five-star hotel being the most beautiful hotel. The condition of being a 5-star hotel is to meet certain standards. In other words, there is no requirement that your expectations will be met in a hotel that meets those standards. A 3-star hotel can also meet your desired features and expectations. I ask you not to get hung up on the number of stars. I would like you to stick to the price within a certain range. Because there is currently an early reservation. It is actually not impossible to have the holiday you dream of. There are very advantageous payment terms. That’s why we first determine the hotels that have the options you want. I want you to turn to sites, travel agencies and many channels that filter these hotels.

All-round Research: How to Find the Best Price on Your Holiday Booking

Dijital Pazarlamanın Turizmdeki Rolü
Digital marketing

You can get ideas not only from one application but also from a different travel agency. There are channels with which hotels have agreements and offer special prices. We don’t know which channel it is. Although in some cases an online booking site may seem very economical, in some cases travel agencies can be very economical or it may be advantageous for you to book directly from hotels. In light of all this, we looked at our choices, collected the options, and at the end of the day, I also want you to pay attention to the payment terms.

The Meaning of an Economical Holiday: Not Just Hotel Prices, but a Holistic Approach

Bütçenizi Koruyan Tatil Seçenekleri: Ekonomik Oteller Listesi
Holiday Options That Protect Your Budget: List of Budget Hotels

Economical hotel does not mean economical holiday. Economy is not just about hotel prices. Flight tickets and transfers will be added and of course, I recommend you not to get into a setup where you will make yourself miserable just to be very economical. Comfort and quality should actually combine with affordable payment prices. Hotel Transfer Even though most travelers do not pay attention, I think it is very important. You don’t want to be stranded in an airport with your friends or family in 40° heat in the summer. You don’t want to wait for hours for a transfer that you don’t know where it will come from. When making your choice, be sure to consider the negativities you may experience. If you ask what you shouldn’t take risks with, it’s holidays. We’ve been working on this for a year. Let’s talk about payment terms. When a hotel that is not affordable has a very advantageous payment condition, it actually becomes a budget hotel for you. It doesn’t bother you when we divide the price, which seems high to you, into payments.

Invest Now, Get Comfortable in the Summer: Advantages of Planning a Holiday with Early Payment

Erken rezervasyon hakkında bilmeniz gereken her şey!
Everything you need to know about early booking!

Start paying now, even if it forces you to do so. You will be very comfortable when your summer vacation comes. You won’t have anything to worry about the price, so you can plan it now and see a nice holiday for yourself as an investment instead of actually investing. A good holiday is something that will be much better for your soul, body and mind.

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Let’s Have a Luxurious Holiday, but Make It Economical

Time to Plan a Vacation with Coffee: Act Early, Realize Your Dream Vacation

Now grab your coffee and settle into your chair. Take your diary, notebook or a piece of paper and see in which hotel and under what conditions you can have a happy holiday. Make a plan on how to find hotels that provide these, do not be late. We are coming to the end of February. Hotels started collecting requests and popular hotels were even starting to fill up. You and your loved ones deserve a wonderful holiday this year, as every year. You owe yourself this gesture. A nice holiday is not impossible. It will be advantageous if done with correct planning.


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