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Law Change Discussion for Tourist Guides


Law Change Discussion for Tourist Guides

Opinions of Abbas Güçlü

Abbas Güçlü, one of the columnists of Milliyet Newspaper, wrote in his column dated February 18, 2024; He shared his views on the bill regarding tourist guides and travel agencies.

Tourist Guidance and Its Importance

Emphasizing that tourist guiding is a strategic profession, Abbas Güçlü stated how guides enrich the tourism experience and contribute to the sector. He stated that the equipment and objectivity of the guides play a critical role in the development of tourism.

In his article, Güçlü stated that legal regulations are generally made with the aim of improving the current situation, and stated that the new law amendment proposal caused discussions in the sector. Improvement or Imposition for Tourist Guides? In the article titled, he pointed out how the changes in the law concerning travel agencies and tourist guides had an impact on the industry.

Güçlü, who also conveyed the joint statement published by the universities on the subject, hoped that the best decision would be taken without deviating from merit.


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