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Kocaeli Trekking Routes That Trekkers of All Levels Will Love


Kocaeli Trekking Routes That Trekkers of All Levels Will Love

As the summer months are coming, I have come up with a great list for every traveler and athlete who wants to get away from the chaos of city life and travel to the heart of nature. If you wish, you can follow designated routes or challenge the harsh conditions of nature by discovering new paths. The opportunity to spend time in nature is the most valuable part of this journey. Here are the most beautiful trekking routes in Kocaeli, where you will enjoy and be excited at every moment.

Kocaeli, one of the nature sports tourism centers of our country, has 102 tracks with a total length of 1,000 km. When looked at on a district basis, there are 20 trekking activities in Başiskele, 5 in Derince, 10 in Gebze, 4 in Gölcük, 2 in İzmit, 11 in Kandıra, 18 in Karamürsel, 24 in Kartepe and 8 in the Gulf. There is a walking track.

Kayaüstü Plateau – 7 km

Kayaüstü Plateau

You will be amazed by the view that lies under your feet from the rocks that give the plateau its name. The starting point of this track, which consists of a forest path and a dirt vehicle road inside the forest, is the Karapınar District of Aksığı Village in Başiskele. The end point of the track is inside Tepecik Village. The most ideal time is the seasons except winter. There are also clean water sources in many places along the route. Additionally, Kayaüstü Plateau is an ideal stop for camping and exploring unique views.

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Hotdere – 10 km

Hotdere (Yuvacik Dam)

Hotdere Canyon is one of the most challenging natural hiking trails in Kocaeli. Hidden waterfalls and lakes, narrow passages where the sky is rarely visible, await you in this canyon, which we recommend to sturdy and experienced trekkers. This adventurous walk starts from the concrete bridge on the road to Menekşe Plateau in Başiskele Bahçecik and ends at the historical arch bridge near Yuvacık Dam. This challenging track, which should only be experienced in the summer months, requires you to have all your safety equipment with you. Especially in some places, it is necessary to pass with a rope and be careful against the danger of falling stones.

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Çınarlıdere – 11 km


Çınarlıdere is a valley adorned with plane trees, from which it takes its name, offering different beauties in four seasons. It starts in Derince’s Çene Suyu location, behind the İsmet Paşa Stadium. This route, which everyone in good health can walk comfortably, passes both by the stream and through the forest dirt road in a round-trip way. Although it is walkable in all four seasons, we especially recommend that you walk in seasons other than summer. Because in summer, especially on weekends, the density of picnickers can be disruptive.

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Ballıkayalar – 9 km


Ballıkayalar, whose 1847 hectare area in Gebze was registered as a nature park in 1995, is an excellent route for mountaineering and hiking. It starts from Denizli Village on the old Istanbul highway and passes through the canyon for two kilometers; Other parts are like paths. This route, which can be walked in all four seasons, does not contain a water source, so you must carry water with you. The karst structure of Ballıkayalar, formed by the melting of limestone, and its status as a natural protected area are waiting for you to explore this region. Additionally, the entrance section of the nature park is very suitable for camping.

Nüzhetiye Waterfall – 4 km

doğa yürüyüşü rotaları
Nüzhetiye Waterfall

Nüzhetiye Village, formerly known as Döşeme, is a village where families migrating from the Eastern Black Sea and Caucasus settled after the 93 War, and which carries the architecture of the region to the present day. Nüzhetiye Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kocaeli. The hiking trail in this village, located within the borders of Gölcük district, although short, can be preferred due to the beauty of the waterfall. The track starts by entering the right side of the mosque in the village square and most of it continues along the stream. On this route, which can be walked in all seasons, it is important to be careful of slippery stones and have water with you. There is also a country restaurant at the starting point of the track.

Paşasuyu – 5 km


Paşasuyu Track in Izmit offers an interesting route to its visitors. Part of the track passes through stream paths, and the other part passes through water channels dating back to the Roman period and still in use. On hot summer days, we recommend you to cool off in ponds such as pools. This track starts in Hacıoğlu Village, located on the third kilometer of the road from Izmit to Kandıra, and returns to the same point in a circle. Don’t forget to take water with you on this route, which can be walked in all four seasons.

Pınarlı (Bağırganlı / Pınarlı village) – 11 km

doğa yürüyüşü rotaları
Pınarlı – Photo: Vedat Şentürk

This track, designed parallel to the Black Sea in Kandıra, can be walked in all four seasons and dazzles with its magical coastal formations, impressive sunsets and small bays. The trail can be easily walked from either direction, so we do not recommend a specific starting place; You can enjoy it without even looking at the track signs. Be sure to carry water with you during your walk. Don’t forget to be equipped with a swimsuit in summer and wind-protective clothing in winter.

Kadriye – 10 km


The impressive geography of Kadriye Village in Karamürsel offers a fascinating view of Lake Iznik on one side and the majestic ridges of Avcıdere Valley and Samanlı Mountains on the other. This track follows paths and creek roads, starting from Kadriye Village on the slopes of Karamürsel overlooking Lake Iznik. The most ideal walking route is from the village towards Avcı Köy. On this track, which can be walked in all four seasons, it is necessary to pay special attention to stream crossings in winter. Although there are a few clean water sources along the route, it is still useful to be prepared. hiking routes

Kızkalesi (Serindere) – 9 km

doğa yürüyüşü rotaları
Kızkalesi (Serindere)

This track, which goes to the castle ruins on a peak rising in the Samanlı Mountains in Kartepe, stands out with its view and geography. Your journey, which starts from the old countryside casinos area in Serindere Valley, offers magnificent views as you ascend towards Kızkalesi. The path also crosses the Müflis Creek and returns to the starting point. There are several clean water sources along this track, which can be walked in all seasons except winter. We recommend that you be careful on the hill surrounded by cliffs on three sides where Kızkalesi is located.

Çobangeçidi – 7 km and Taşköprü – 8 km

doğa yürüyüşü rotaları
Stone bridge

Çobangeçidi, the first of these two tracks located in the Taşköprü Canyon in the Gulf region, starts from the historical Taşköprü in Kutluca Village, passes through the Çobangeçidi Canyon for the most part, and ends near Elbizli Village. Although it can be walked in all four seasons, the most suitable time is the seasons other than winter. Do not forget to bring your water with you on this route, which traces the ancient caravan routes and draws attention with its archaeological riches and canyon formations. hiking routes

This Taşköprü track, which passes through the Taşköprü Canyon, dazzles with its interesting rock formations. Your journey, which starts from the historical Taşköprü in Kutluca Village, becomes even more enjoyable, especially in summer and autumn. Don’t forget to carry your water with you on this route. hiking routes


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