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Introducing the Ancient City of Aphrodisias


Introducing the Ancient City of Aphrodisias

Introduction of the Ancient City of Aphrodisias

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the Ancient City of Aphrodisias, located in Aydın’s Karacasu district, will become a record-breaking ruin site with projects allocated a total budget of 1 billion 750 million liras.

Night Museology

Stating that they will carry out documentation, conservation and restoration works for the Ottoman period baths and Geyre houses in Aphrodisias within the scope of the project, Ersoy stated that they are planning two new exhibition areas in the ancient city, which has many inscriptions and embossed marble sarcophagi.

Stating that they will open the ancient city to visitors within the scope of night museology by illuminating the monumental buildings and tour routes, Ersoy continued as follows: ‘We will also carry out strengthening works, display, arrangement and repair practices in our Afrodisias Museum. We will ensure that the city reaches more people with all these projects prepared for Aphrodisias, the applications that have started and with intensive work, and we will allocate a budget of 1 billion 750 million liras for the process. We will meet here again a year later to observe the changes here. ‘Aphrodisias will be an example for our other ruins, and we will have a spot that breaks visitor records with its night museums and advanced restoration works.’


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