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Great Interest in Turkey in Early Reservations


Great Interest in Turkey in Early Reservations

Exit Geography Expansion from the Russian Tour Operators Association

The Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR) announced that there has been a significant increase in early reservations for Turkey. According to ATOR data, interest in Turkey tours for the summer of 2024 increased by 60 percent compared to last year. The reason behind this great interest was the expansion of the departure geography of tour operators and the early start of promotions.

Increase in Ruble Prices, Euro Prices in Decline

According to the ATOR statement, while prices in Ruble generally increased for the summer months in Turkey, the increase was less than the increase in Euro. It is stated that Turkish hotel operators also reduced Euro prices for Russian operators this year. This situation may increase the interest of Russian tourists to Turkey.

Flight Programs Will Be Completed in March

The process of creating flight schedules to Turkey for the summer season continues. All operators are expected to complete their flight schedules to Turkey by the end of March. In this process, it is important for tour operators to create their programs in line with the demands and expectations in Turkey.


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