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Goodness, Health, Beauty Meet


Goodness, Health, Beauty Meet

I attended a workshop organized for the benefit of the Social Hunger Fight and Education Association (TAMEV). We did hand care with aromatherapy oils from Switzerland. The day had a special value. All proceeds of the event were donated to TamEv. In fact, while we wanted to beautify our body and purify our soul, we witnessed all of these come together with goodness.

Improving Physical and Spiritual Health with Aromatherapy: Healing Body and Mind by Harnessing the Power of Nature

Aromatherapy means the use of essential oils obtained from plants in psychological and physical treatments. Some of the most obvious benefits of aromatherapy have been proven for years to reduce depression and anxiety. Aromatherapy, a type of complementary medicine practice, is a treatment method that uses the essential oils of plants to support physical, psychological and spiritual health. It has different areas of use as Cosmetic Aromatherapy, Psycho Aromatherapy, Medical Aromatherapy and Massage Aromatherapy.

Natural Hand Care Secrets with Aromatherapist Burcu Mısırlı: Special Workshop with Oils from Switzerland at Verda Cafe Göktürk

Aromaterapist Burcu Mısırlı ve TamEv Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Seza Demirci
Aromatherapist Burcu Mısırlı and TamEv Chairman of the Board Seza Demirci

In the workshop held at Verda Cafe Göktürk, with the explanations and practices of aromatherapist Burcu Mısırlı, we performed hand care with oils from Switzerland. I leave you a little secret with the photo of the hand care mixture. I can clearly say that you will see this when you try it. It is much more effective than the expensive creams of world-famous brands, and when you provide care in harmony with nature, it is also good for your soul.

Reuniting with Nature: The Power of Essential Oils in Daily Life

We came from nature, we broke away from nature, now we want to meet nature again and reunite with our essence. Did you know that there are essential oils that we can use at every moment of our lives? For care, for illnesses, for spiritual healing. As I learn about nature’s generosity to us and the healings in tiny bottles, I can’t help but ask why we are so focused on chemicals. Everything is on this planet, despite all the efforts of human beings to destroy it, nature still exists to contribute to us.

The Importance of Awareness: The Journey to Discover the Right Essential Oils

Of course, the first thing to do is to be aware. First, we will realize what we need so that we can embark on the journey of finding what will be good for us. For this reason, it is not recommended to constantly use the same oil. You use the oil that will heal you for 21 days and then complete the ritual according to its effect on you.

Brief information about what we learned in the Aromatherapy Workshop;

– Patchouli has the ability to tighten the skin and be good for internal organs.
– Patchouli is also an oil of abundance. It has a soothing, calming, body and mind balancing effect.
– Mixtures of aromatherapy oils can be prepared specifically for you in order to purify, balance, control anger, and be physically, mentally and physically healthy.
– Ylang ylang’s soothing properties help calm your nervous system. When you realize that you will succumb to your anger, you can drop a few drops of Ylang Ylang oil on your head.
– Tea tree oil, obtained by crushing tea leaves, is used for skin regeneration and for therapeutic purposes in diseases thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
– Jojoba oil provides anti-aging and skin renewal with its antioxidant properties.
– For your sore throat; You can drink it by adding 1 drop of pure thyme oil into a glass of warm water.
– Rose oil has a positive effect on conditions such as physical tension, palpitations, headaches and insomnia.
– Rose oil is one of the essential oils that have antidepressant effects.

The architects of the event are TamEv President Nuray Marçak and Board Member Seza Demirci.
While introducing Aromatherapy to the participants of the event, the association implements its projects to transform the participants’ assets into goodness and deliver them to those in need.

Let’s get to know TamEv Association a little bit.

TamEv Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi Seza Demirci ve TamEv Dernek Başkanı Nuray Marçak
TamEv Board Member Seza Demirci and TamEv Association President Nuray Marçak

Social Hunger Fight and Education Association (TAMEV) is a national and international organization that aims to improve the conditions of individuals living under the hunger and poverty line. It carries out activities such as collecting in-kind/cash aid, establishing food banking, and carrying out studies on basic food and adequate nutrition in order to support the meeting of basic needs such as nutrition, shelter and education. In addition, it carries out studies to develop heirloom seeds, prevent waste, and raise awareness and education of the society on hunger, food safety, food security and emotional hunger.

According to information compiled from the Department of Associations data, as of January 14, 2022, the number of active associations in Turkey is 121,765. The purpose of associations is to achieve a specific and common goal and to continuously combine knowledge and studies. With the decrease in trust in associations in recent years, very few of these associations fulfill their real duties. Therefore, beyond doing good deeds and throwing them into the sea, our need to make sure that our good deeds reach the right people has increased. At this point, TamEv differs from its peers and brings its donations to those in need with the principle of transparency and meticulousness.

If you want to prevent food and education inequality and support a fair life by collaborating with TamEv Association can follow the association’s activities and donation campaigns and submit your volunteering requests through the website.

Hope Comes From Kindness.


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