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Gastronomy Tourism Analysis by İrfan Önal


Gastronomy Tourism Analysis by İrfan Önal

From İrfan Önal; Gastronomy Tourism. But how?

İrfan Önal, in his last article published on his blog, “Gastronomy Tourism. But How?” Under the title, he discussed in depth the situation and future of gastronomy tourism in our country.

The Relationship between ‘Place’ and Culture in Tourism: A Multidimensional Approach

Perhaps the first of the views that form the backbone of my articles on tourism is to emphasize the connection between tourism and “place” in accordance with its interdisciplinary structure. This is actually an approach that includes many things, especially culture.

Contemporary Transformation of Destinations: From Geography to Brand

Tourism’s connection with place (geography) is inherent in the nature of the business and is something that needs to be developed and transformed into a product in contemporary life. Places (destinations) that achieve this successfully stand out in tourism and can gain all kinds of benefits by having their brands accepted.

Gastronomy and Tourism: A Natural and Necessary Partnership

At this point, one of the strongest partnerships is with gastronomy; The relationship between gastronomy and tourism is natural and necessary.

Türkiye Perspective on Gastronomy Tourism: 3rd Tourism Council and Beyond

If we look at the situation in our country; It is possible to say that a lot of work has been done in the field of gastronomy and in order to correctly design the relationship between gastronomy and tourism, or at least there is such an intention.

From Tradition to the Future: Turkey’s Gastronomy Tourism Vision

In this commission, the need for a gastronomy tourism strategy was stated and the things to be done were listed. The Commission’s conceptualization intention regarding gastronomy and gastronomy tourism also constitutes a valuable approach within the boundaries of a higher policy document.

The Rise of Gastronomy Tourism in Turkey After Covid-19

The effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, which broke out shortly after the Council, have shown that interest in gastronomy tourism has increased in our country as well as all over the world.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network and Turkey’s Gastronomy Achievements: Gaziantep, Hatay, Afyonkarahisar

Our cities in the field of “gastronomy” within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, one of the leading international programs related to gastronomy tourism; They are listed as Gaziantep (2015), Hatay (2017) and Afyonkarahisar (2019).

Two Faces of Social Media in the Field of Gastronomy: Popularization and Risk of Deformation

On the other hand, my other observation is; While branding in the field of gastronomy or developing gastronomy tourism requires strategies, policies and actions covering all elements in the gastronomy value chain, our tendency to rapidly popularize and deform our gastronomy values ​​with the influence of social media will create low motivation in the implementation of the correct policies produced in this regard.

A Holistic Approach in the Field of Gastronomy: The Potential of the Turkish Gastronomy Institution

Anywhere can be a gastronomy destination, but populism can thwart this goal. We must take initiatives to ensure that our gastronomic values ​​are reflected in our daily lives and institutionalize changes that will provide social benefit.

Branding Strategy Embracing Turkey’s Entire Gastronomy Heritage

Turkish gastronomy will not be able to brand itself through only one or certain elements. We must act collectively and collaboratively, focusing on the long term.


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