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Evaluation of TÜRSAB Law from Deniz Tüfekçi


Evaluation of TÜRSAB Law from Deniz Tüfekçi

Modernization of TÜRSAB Law and Protection of Integrity

Deniz Tüfekçi, an experienced name in the tourism industry, states that the TÜRSAB law should be reorganized in accordance with the requirements of the modern age, while also drawing attention to the importance of protecting the integrity and existence of TÜRSAB. Tüfekçi emphasizes the necessity of addressing these two elements in a balanced manner for the sustainability and development of the sector.Experienced tourism professional Deniz Tüfekçi emphasized that the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) law should be renewed, but non-governmental organizations should be protected in this process.

The Long-Lasting Success of European Travel Associations and the Current Situation of TÜRSAB

TÜRSAB Law Should Be Updated, But the Union Must Be Protected! Tüfekçi stated that the French, German and British travel agency associations have been serving for many years and that although their founders are no longer alive, the institutions were built on solid foundations and continue to serve. On the other hand, he stated that very few of the founders of TÜRSAB in 1972 were alive and that there were almost no people who were able to continue their profession.

TÜRSAB Law Should Be Restructured in Accordance with the Requirements of the Age and Technology

Tüfekçi stated that the TÜRSAB law should be restructured as required by the age and technological developments and provide effective service to its members. He also explained that the industry demands protections and regulations that allow its members to breathe easy in an increasingly difficult business environment.

Historical Importance of TÜRSAB and the Value of Transferring it to Future Generations

Emphasizing that although Turkey’s tourism history is young and short, TÜRSAB is the oldest tourism institution of the Republic period, Tüfekçi drew attention to the importance of carrying this institution to future generations. He stated that TÜRSAB has come to this day not only by collecting newspaper coupons, but also thanks to hundreds of tourism professionals who created tourism from nothing.

Tüfekçi Points Out the Need to Shrink the State and Strengthen Civil Society: Restructuring is a Must for the Future of TÜRSAB

Finally, Tüfekçi stated that the government’s rhetoric about shrinking the state and strengthening civil society does not contradict what he wrote and supports them. He emphasized that TÜRSAB should be protected and restructured for the future of the tourism sector.


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