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EMITT Fair: Cem Polatoğlu’s Evaluation


EMITT Fair: Cem Polatoğlu’s Evaluation

The Beginning and Development of EMITT Fair

It came to the fore with the remarkable statements of Cem Polatoğlu, one of the experienced names of the tourism industry, about the EMITT Fair. Polatoğlu stated that he has been following the EMITT fair for 27 years since its beginning. He evaluated the process from the birth of the fair to its growth, from its development to its final stages, from a critical perspective.

Problems and Criticisms of EMITT Fair

Polatoğlu’s statements included various criticisms regarding the timing, participant profile and content of the EMITT Fair. He focused on the mistakes, wrong customer selection and incomplete marketing strategies that caused the fair to turn into a fair. He also emphasized the elements that undermine the seriousness and level of professionalism of the fair.

The Future of EMITT Fair and a Call for Renewal

Cem Polatoğlu made an important call to the EMITT management and made suggestions about the future of the fair. Calling for renewal and transformation, Polatoğlu emphasized that the old values ​​of the fair should be preserved and lessons should be learned from mistakes. He drew attention to the steps that need to be taken to make EMITT a professional platform again.

Cem Polatoğlu’s Evaluation of EMITT Fair

Polatoğlu’s evaluation of the EMITT Fair, supported by his experiences in the tourism sector, had a wide impact in the sector. Polatoğlu, who attracted attention with his detailed analyzes about the past, present and future of the fair, offered an important perspective to the sector.


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