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Culture Road Festival’s 2024 Calendar Has Been Announced


Culture Road Festival’s 2024 Calendar Has Been Announced

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced the 2024 calendar of the Turkey Culture Road Festival. 2024 Calendar of the Cultural Path Festival

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who attended the introductory meeting held at Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM), pointed out that the Culture Road Festival is one of the largest and richest brand projects in Turkey and said, “In 2021, we will see the ‘impossibles, the impossibles, what they need. In the four years since the day we went beyond the limits and took that first step in Istanbul, we have been accepted as a member of the European Festivals Association, which includes Europe’s most distinguished culture and arts festivals, and have reached a widespread level to be held in 16 cities in 7 regions of Turkey and continue to grow. “A Turkish Culture Road Festival success story has been written,” he said.

Minister Ersoy underlined that the public has shown great interest in the festivals over the years and said, “How fortunate we are to hear reproaches from neighboring cities. We receive requests for ‘we can have it too’. “So it is happening, it can be done and it is necessary,” he said.


Emphasizing that product diversity and branding in tourism is one of the most serious goals of the Ministry, Ersoy said:

“In fact, this magnificent geography we live in and our cultural values, which contain thousands of years of accumulation of our civilization, offer us everything that will enable us to achieve this goal. The point lies in knowing how to use them correctly. Türkiye Culture Road Festival is one of these truths. If it were not so, the growth and interest we experience would simply not be possible. Because no success is a coincidence. This point we have reached is the result of our cultural policies, each step of which we carefully consider, with the vision of ‘Tourism integrated with culture and art’. We always say; By considering sustainability, we have built an ecosystem where tourism and culture and art nourish each other. Do not limit this to just cultural and artistic events and the tourism movement they cause mutually benefiting each other. Think of the historical artifacts that were restored along the festival route and regained their function and came back to life. “Think about the cultural and artistic institutions that have become visible and known, our children who learn by experiencing the cultural and artistic heritage of which they are a part and heir, and the social cohesion and integration achieved around both national and universal values.” 2024 Calendar of the Cultural Path Festival

Mehmet Ersoy underlined that they brought an international brand to Turkey, a series of events that offer individual and social benefits on the basis of culture and art.


Stating that they plan to further expand the scope of the festival this year, Ersoy said, “We continued to include different artists and art institutions from Turkey and the world with each passing period in our festival, which we started in 2021 with the participation of more than 2 thousand artists. By 2023, the number of artists participating in the festival reached 34 thousand. “Our target this year is 40 thousand artists,” he said. Minister Ersoy emphasized that the festival venues are increasing every year and stated that they plan to increase the number of venues to over 600 in 2024. Noting that 5 thousand events were organized within the scope of the festival last year, Ersoy added that they aim to increase the number of events to 6 thousand this year.


This year, the festival program will be spread over 8 months and will be held in 16 cities.

📍 13 – 21 April Adana
📍 25 May – 2 June Şanlıurfa
📍 1 – 9 June Bursa
📍 8 – 16 June Samsun
📍 22 – 30 June Trabzon
📍 29 June – 7 July Van
📍 3 – 11 August Nevşehir
📍 17 – 25 August Erzurum
📍 31 August – 8 September Çanakkale
📍 14 – 22 September Gaziantep
📍 21 – 29 September Ankara
📍 21 – 29 September Konya
📍 28 September – 6 October Istanbul
📍 12 – 20 October Diyarbakır
📍 26 October – 3 November Izmir
📍 2 – 10 November Antalya


Stating that the exhibition, which includes more than 80 original works of the famous painter, will be presented to art lovers in different cities for 3 months, on the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death, Ersoy said that in this context, the works of artists such as Sebastiao Salgado, Güvenç Özel, Refik Anadol and Frida Kahlo will also be included. He stated that it would be given.

With the digital installation “Atatürk on the Road to Culture” produced using artificial intelligence algorithm, Minister Ersoy asked, “If Atatürk were alive today, which stops of the festival would he take pictures from?” He also stated that a digital exhibition will be opened to answer the question.

Referring to the groups and artists that will be guests of the festival, Ersoy gave the following information:

“As a result of our international collaborations and discussions with our embassies, we are cooperating with European, Latin American, Asian and African countries in the fields of both visual and performing arts. We will host Deutsches Symphony-Orchestra Berlin, Estonian Orchestra and Chorus, Chinese Stage Performances and many other international surprise teams and orchestras on our stages. Grammy award-winning trumpet player Chris Botti, one of the biggest names in jazz music, will present magnificent concerts to art lovers with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO). “Our orchestras, choirs and communities affiliated with our General Directorate of Fine Arts, especially the CSO, will bring the universal language of art to the stage with music and dance.”


Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy stated that the festival will be introduced with a new logo this year and said, “The new logo of the Turkey Culture Road Festival, which brings together all the richness of culture and art, contains 7 different colors. Color is an existential part of art. Whether on canvas, sound, words, stage or object, color filters through the artist’s world of thought and passes into his work. Art itself is already a color of life. Maybe it’s different for everyone, but we know that no matter whose eyes we look at, art is always eye-catching. That’s why we used colors.” made his assessment.


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