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Court’s Rejection Decision for Uzungöl National Garden Project


Court’s Rejection Decision for Uzungöl National Garden Project

The court ruled to reject the lawsuit filed against the national garden project planned by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and Çaykara Municipality in Uzungöl, located in Trabzon’s Çaykara district. The lawsuit filed by Uzungöl Unity Platform for the project planned to be built in Yenimahalle was concluded in the Second Administrative Case Chamber of Samsun Regional Administrative Court. The court rejected the Trabzon Administrative Court’s request for stay of execution and gave a rejection decision for the project.

With the plaintiff’s objection being accepted, the court decided to suspend the execution of the transaction in question without obtaining a guarantee. This decision is based on Article 27/2 of the Administrative Procedure Law No. 2577. It was taken in accordance with the article and decided unanimously.


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