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Changes Observed in the Population of Istanbul


Changes Observed in the Population of Istanbul

Population Decreases in Istanbul, Elderly Population Ratio Increases

Istanbul has been facing a significant population decline in recent years. Following the decline following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the registered population in the city decreased by 252 thousand 27 people, according to the latest data. This decrease triggers migration, especially from the city center, due to factors such as economic difficulties and increasing housing costs. This demographic change in Istanbul deeply affects the social and economic structure of the city, necessitating the development of new strategies.

Increase in Elderly Population in Istanbul

Among the demographic changes in Istanbul, the increase in the proportion of the elderly population is also striking. The ratio of the population over the age of 65 to the total population in the city has reached 10.2%. This rate shows that the city is aging and the importance of policies and services aimed at the needs of the elderly population is increasing.

Economic Challenges and Population Movements

One of the reasons behind the population decrease in Istanbul is economic difficulties and housing crisis. Especially the struggle to make ends meet and the constant decline in real income put a strain on Istanbulites. Increasing housing costs in recent years are causing many people to leave the city center, especially due to the intense crisis in the city center. This situation indicates significant changes in the socioeconomic structure of Istanbul and requires the development of new strategies in terms of urban planning and social policies.


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