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Bill on Tourist Guides is in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Bill on Tourist Guides and Travel Agencies. Bill on Tourist Guides in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Bill on Amendments to the Tourist Guide Profession Law, which includes regulations on tourist guides and travel agencies, and the Law on Travel Agencies and the Association of Travel Agencies, in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Negotiations on all of the issues have been completed. The Saadet Party group […]on the entire bill proposal.

What is the 4 Days a Week Working Model? Advantages, Disadvantages, Survey Results of Turkish Companies

What is the 4 days a week working model? What are the advantages and disadvantages? The first Turkish company to try the new working model announced the results of the short working week. Aksa Akrilik, Turkey’s only acrylic fiber producer, set an example for the Turkish business world with its switch to the 4-day working system. The first country in the world to officially make it a legal right for employees to work four days a week […]

4 Museums You Can Visit on ‘Free Museum Days’ in Istanbul

A perfect opportunity to discover culture and art in Istanbul! Four important museums of Istanbul, which are normally paid, offer their visitors a budget-friendly art experience on ‘Free Museum Days’. Free museums. NOTE: Visiting hours and fees are dated April 2024. Be sure to check the museums’ official websites for up-to-date information and more comprehensive visitor conditions/price schedules. Istanbul Modern Art […]

Turkey’s Most Beautiful Thermal Holiday Routes and Famous Thermal Springs Centers

If you are looking for a healing holiday in touch with nature and history, where you will forget about stress and fatigue, you should immediately discover these unique thermal holiday routes and spa centers that offer mental, spiritual and physical renewal opportunities all over Turkey. Our geography, which has been at the center of the search for “hot water for health” throughout history, has been famous for its thermal resources for thousands of years. This is what many travelers follow […]

Latest Situation in the Schengen Visa Crisis: Turkey’s Demands and the European Union’s Response

Contacts regarding the problem continue between Türkiye and EU representatives, but the situation has not yet reached the level Ankara wants. Schengen visa crisis continues; What point has been reached in the last negotiations, what did Türkiye want, what is the EU doing? Latest Situation in the Schengen Visa Crisis… According to the special news of Metin Kaan Kurtuluş from T24, although it has been on the agenda for a long time, the problem of Turkish citizens regarding the Schengen visa continues […]

Data and Statistics That Tourism Professionals Should Consider in 2024

Hospitality management school EHL Hospitality Business School has compiled data to consider for 2024. Here are the data and statistics that tourism professionals should consider… After the pandemic, significant changes took place in many sectors. The tourism industry, which came to a complete halt and hit point 0 during the pandemic, went through its hardest days. “Data” and “data analysis” are of great importance today in order to plan the future.

Radisson Hotel Group Announces Guan Xin Program

Radisson Hotel Group draws attention with its “Welcome to China” program designed specifically for visitors from China. With the opening of new co-branded hotels, it aims to offer a warm welcome to its guests with the amenities offered under this program. These special services once again emphasize how important cultural awareness and guest satisfaction are in Radisson’s hospitality. Radisson Hotel Group and […]

Tevfik Bağcı: The Labor Path from a Receptionist to a Tourism Empire

Written by Tourism Professional Deniz Emin Tüfekçi: Tevfik Bağcı: We respectfully publish the article titled “From a Reception Officer to the Traveler of the Road to the Tourism Empire with Labor” after Bağcı. TEVFİK BAĞCI, A TRAVELER FROM A RECEPTION STAFF TO THE TOURISM EMPIRE. I will not write a lament after a death, but a magnificent success story. Dear Serhad Uslan on the morning of March 24th. Brother Tevfik passed away! […]

Visa Crisis Spreads to Latin America

The visa crisis has spread to Latin America. Latin American countries also joined the harsh visa conditions for Turks. Passengers who do not meet the additional control conditions are turned away from airports. A new problem has recently been added to the problems that the business world has been experiencing regarding Schengen, USA and China visas. According to the information given by exporters to İmam Güneş from Ekonomi Newspaper, Latin American countries have extended their visa appointments, while Mexico has issued Turkish passports […]

Exploring Shakespeare’s Villages

I love the Cotswolds very much. Spreading over a wide area between Oxford and Bath in the southwest of England, this region is an ideal rural paradise with its rivers, naturalness and history that I want to escape to at every opportunity to recharge myself. Discovery of Shakespeare’s Villages England travel guide As London has turned into a city of immigrants and refugees, many British people are now […]