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Car Rental Experience in Kadıköy


Car Rental Experience in Kadıköy

Kadıköy’s fast pace and busy business life lead me to rent a car frequently. I have been renting cars for both business and personal reasons for about ten years, and during this period I had the chance to try many companies in Kadıköy. Considering urban mobility and work tempo, renting a car in a location like Kadıköy provides great convenience. Here are my opinions about my Car Rental Experience in Kadıköy…

As a journalist, I experience not only car rental, but also different service sectors such as the restaurants I go to, the hotels I stay in and the airline companies I choose. By sharing these experiences and the positive and negative aspects I encounter with my readers, I try to help them make informed choices.

Why Will I Never Shop From Saat&Saat and Franke Again?


The battery of the watch I bought for thousands of TL ran out and they immediately asked for money to replace it. I had to go to the store again to collect the watch for a free replacement and get it back within 22 business days. While instant battery replacement is available in stores, this was not valid for the watch I paid thousands of TL for.


I bought all the white goods from this company based in Switzerland. Especially the dishwasher broke down constantly. It has been repaired many times in 7 years and the last time I was without the machine for 10 days. I paid nearly 4 thousand TL for repairs and the problem continued. I had to buy another device with a campaign, also from Franke.

Why Did I Try Another Option?

Price: The prices offered by Franke were quite good compared to market conditions. Therefore, due to lack of money, I chose Franke again for the dishwasher. I was disappointed with the products I bought from Saat&Saat and Franke. For this reason, I do not plan to shop from these companies again.

Yolcu360 – How Easy It Is to Rent a Car

When it comes to renting a car in Kadıköy, I generally prefer corporate companies that provide service here due to my proximity to the district. Of course, instead of examining each company’s website, “How Easy It Is to Rent a Car!” I use the Yolcu360 website, which stands out with its slogan. Recently, I noticed that obilet offers car rental services, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Based on my experience, the criteria I consider when renting a car are:

Kadıköy'de Araç Kiralama
Car Rental in Kadıköy

• Service Quality:It is very important to me that the staff is friendly and the procedures are fast and easy.
• Maintenance Status of Vehicles:It is essential for a safe driving experience that the vehicle I rent is clean and well-maintained.
• Customer service:When I encounter any problem or question, I expect to receive a quick and satisfactory answer.
• Price Policies:It is important for me that the prices are fair and in line with the market average.

Considering these criteria, I would like to share my car rental experiences in Kadıköy in the last 3 months. I had the best experience in this process with B2Car.

Some features that distinguish B2Car from other companies are:

• Friendly staff:I have always encountered friendly and helpful staff at B2Car.
• Quick and easy procedures: Rental and delivery transactions are completed in 2 minutes. There is no additional insurance requirement and all transactions are carried out digitally.
• Transparency: All photos of the vehicle are sent to e-mail at the time of rental. In this way, you have the opportunity to check whether there is any damage during delivery.
• Excellent customer service:Whenever I encountered any problems or questions, B2Car customer service team responded quickly and satisfactorily.

Overall, my experience with B2Car was outstanding. A company that makes car rental enjoyable and stress-free.

My advice:

If you are considering renting a car in Kadıköy, definitely try B2Car! I would also like to point out that although the prices have sometimes been a little higher lately, if I find the vehicle I am looking for, I still rent from this company.


• I usually rent daily, for a few days or for a week.
• I prefer companies around Tepe Nautilus AVM.
• There are good companies other than B2Car, I recommend you do detailed research.

I hope this information helps you in your decision to rent a car in Kadıköy!


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