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Best Holiday Routes in 2024


Best Holiday Routes in 2024

Popular Holiday Routes and Destinations

Discover the popular routes recommended by the best holiday sites for those who want to have an unforgettable holiday experience in 2024! Experts of leading travel platforms such as ENUYGUN, TatilBudur, Obilet and have determined the most special destinations that must be visited this year.

Featured Holiday Routes

Most Popular Must-See Whether you ski in the snow of Uludağ under its white cover in winter, or renew your energy with walks in the peaceful nature of Sapanca. For a romantic getaway, you can wander the historical streets of Seferihisar or discover the art-filled world of Eskişehir. Relax in the healing waters of Kızılcahamam near Ankara or witness the mysterious history of Göbeklitepe. The most popular holiday routes of 2024 are full of alternatives for every taste and budget. Pack your suitcase now and get ready to make unforgettable memories on this year’s most popular holiday routes!

Popular Routes Recommended by Holiday Sites

Popular Holiday Routes Recommended by the Best Holiday Sites: Places You Should Definitely See in 2024

Passport and Visa Information

🌍 The Number of Countries That Can Be Entered with a Turkish Passport Reached 118

The Gang That Made a Profit of 100 Million TL with Fake Visa Applications was Caught

Country Rankings According to Passport Index

The Strength of EU Passports is Increasing, the Situation of the USA, the Strength of the Turkish Passport, the Rise of the UAE and the Situation of Other Countries

Flight Tickets and Travel Trends

Travel Report Card of 2023 Announced: Report, The Most Expensive and Cheapest Flight Tickets of 2023, Travel Trends and Digitalization, Domestic and International Flight Prices, Periods in which Cheap Flight Tickets are Sold, Most Popular Cities, Preferences of Different User Groups, Services and Innovations Offered by

Winter and Ski Holiday Routes

Turkey’s Largest Winter Sports Center: Uludağ, Kartalkaya, Kartepe, Yedigöller, Sapanca, Erciyes, Ilgaz, Palandöken, Abant

Semester Break and Travel Recommendations

Travel Routes Recommended by for the Semester Break, Turkey’s Most Popular Holiday Routes: Recommendations from Leading Travel Sites

Natural Beauties and Historical Discoveries

Istanbul – Ağva, Izmir – Seferihisar, Bursa – Tirilye, Ankara – Kızılcahamam, Şanlıurfa – Göbeklitepe

Payment and Accommodation Trends

Visa 2023 Global Travel Trends, Credit Card Installments Abolished for International Travels, Turkey’s Attractions, Average Spending Amounts, Accommodation Preferences, Personalized Holiday Experiences


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