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Benelux and Paris Tour


Benelux and Paris Tour

An Unforgettable Trip in Benelux and Paris

Your 7 nights and 8 days in Benelux and Paris will show you not only the dazzling places and works of art, but also the spirit and warmth of the cities on the list. Every corner, every street corner will tell its own story. This unique route will be the beginning of a journey that you must experience again and again.

3 Unforgettable Days in Paris, the Capital of Romanticism

France, Paris / Eiffel TowerParis, the city of lights and love, a fascinating capital full of art and history in every corner. During this 3-day trip, you will have the perfect opportunity to visit the most important landmarks of the city and create unforgettable memories.

  • Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Louvre Museum and pyramid, which were the subject of the Da Vinci code, D’orsay Museum, Triumphal Arch, Etoile Square, Napoleon’s tomb, Parliament building, Alexander III Bridge, Grand Palace and Petite Palace built for the purpose of the 1990 industrial fair. Palace, Concorde Guillotine Square, which was the subject of the 1789 French revolution, are among the places you will see on the panoramic city tour.

1-Day Time Travel in the Hidden Corners of Luxembourg

Luxembourg: On this short but full day, you can join the Reims (Champagne) Tour, which is organized as an extra. You will get to know closely the city of Reims, the pearl of the Champagne region and which once hosted the coronation ceremonies of many French kings. In this historical city that hosts unique examples of Gothic architecture; You will visit Reims Cathedral, The Palace of Tau and other buildings of historical importance such as the Basilica of Saint Remi.


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