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Beaches’ 2024 Fee Tariff Has Been Announced


Beaches’ 2024 Fee Tariff Has Been Announced

Bodrum, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek… The 2024 fee schedule for beaches has been announced.

Beaches’ 2024 fee schedule has been announced. There are businesses that want 225 Euros per person to swim in Bodrum in 2024, and others that want 600 TL. In Çeşme, prices start from 500 TL and go up to 3 thousand 500 TL. Some beaches do not charge both an entrance fee and a spending limit.

With the arrival of both the Eid al-Adha holiday and the summer months, all eyes turned to the coastal regions.

So what will be the cost of beach fun this summer?

Hürriyet Newspaper researched the beach tariffs in the popular holiday regions of Bodrum, Çeşme, Fethiye and Marmaris.

Fee schedule at Bodrum beaches

* Located in Bodrum Buddha Bar Beach It was one of the businesses with the highest prices this year, as it was last year. The establishment, which determines a total of 225 Euros for beach use, charges 75 Euros of this figure for entrance and 150 Euros for food and beverage services inside. This price was the same last year.

* Located in Bodrum Maçakızı Beach It is also one of the businesses with high prices. To enter the beach, you need to spend 6 thousand 500 thousand TL per person. An additional 15 percent service fee is required for this price. This amount can be used for food and beverage orders.

* Again in Bodrum Xuma Beach It charges 1,000 TL as an entrance fee. There is a minimum spending limit of 2 thousand TL for all other expenses. A service fee of 12 percent is required.

* One of the relatively affordable businesses in Bodrum Camel Beach , charges 600 TL as entrance fee this year. This price includes 1 soft drink. Meals at the establishment cost an average of 350 TL.

* Also located in Bodrum Sarnic Beach Club From businesses that do not charge entrance fees. However, it has set a spending limit of 1,500 TL per person.

Fee schedule at beaches in Çeşme and Alaçatı

* One of the private beaches in Çeşme Boheme Beach This year, the price has been determined as 1,000 TL per person. The price includes sun loungers, umbrellas and towels. It was stated that there is no spending limit.

* in Çeşme Sole&Mare Beach The entrance fee is 950 TL per person. The price includes 1 soft drink, sun lounger and umbrella. It was stated that the price was 1,250 TL during the holiday period.

* Located in Alaçatı Biblos Resort Alaçatı Hotel‘s beach costs 100 Euros per person, including outdoor service.

* Located in Altinkum location Fly-Inn BeachThe entrance fee is 900 TL per person and includes 1 drink.

* in Çeşme Om Paparazzi While it does not charge an entrance fee on weekdays, it offers a spending limit of 950 TL per person. This amount can also be used to purchase food and beverages. On weekends and holidays, an entrance fee of 500 TL per person is required in addition to the spending limit.

* in Çeşme Monarch Beach He determined the entrance fee as 1,000 TL per person on holidays and 750 TL on normal days. In addition, there is a minimum spending limit of 1,000 TL for food and beverages.

* Also located in Çeşme Yuzu Beach also requires an entrance fee of 800 TL per person and a spending limit of 1,000 TL. Additionally, 250 TL must be paid as a parking fee.

Fee schedule at beaches in Marmaris

* Located in Marmaris Vamos BeachOne of the businesses that does not charge an entrance fee but sets a spending limit of 1,000 TL.

* in Marmaris Felix BeachWhile there is no entrance fee or spending limit, you can get à la carte service from the beach restaurant.

Fee schedule at Fethiye and Göcek beaches

* Located in Fethiye Sea Me BeachThe entrance fee is 600 TL per person and 3 thousand TL for a family suite.

* Located in Göcek Lime Beach Club The entrance fee is 500 TL per person in cash and 750 TL by credit card. During the holiday, 1,000 TL per person is required in cash and 1,500 TL by credit card.


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