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ALTAV’s New Management Has Been Announced


ALTAV’s New Management Has Been Announced

An elective general assembly meeting of Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) was held. In the general assembly; New management, audit and advisory board members were determined. Here is ALTAV’s New Management…

Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) 2024 Elective General Assembly Meeting was held at Alanya Cultural Center.

The General Assembly started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem.

The opening speech of the meeting was made by ALTAV Former Vice President Mehmet Dahaoğlu.


ALTAV’ın Yeni Yönetimi

Stating that they have been working for Alanya in cooperation with all stakeholders since the day he took office, Dahaoğlu said, “Under the roof of ALTAV; We have worked hard for Alanya, together with our important institutions, tourism professionals, journalists and businessmen, and have implemented many projects. Today, we will present to you the activities we have carried out together with my friends, with whom I am happy to work, and the budget details for 2023. We, as ALTAV board members, have done good work with great pleasure, excitement, pride, dedication and peace since the day we took office. Within our means, we can explain the values ​​of Alanya to our interlocutors, for example; It is very proud to be able to have flights that were not in the schedule at Alanya Gazipaşa (GZP) Airport. It is a great honor that ALTAV is appreciated by our promotional ambassadors both at home and abroad and cited as an example in every interview. It is very exciting to be able to properly represent Alanya on platforms where even our country is not represented.


It is very enjoyable to be able to generate new ideas, brainstorm and achieve good results with the talented minds of Alanya. It is very pleasing that we did not turn away from our goals even when we could not find financial support for some of our projects when we first started. It is very peaceful to be beneficial to our country and our industry by sacrificing the time we spend with our family, without any financial concerns. It is very sad to be hurt from time to time by the unnecessary criticism of shallow minds who do not want to know and understand exactly what we actually do. And in fact, it is very gratifying to know that the efforts we make and the priceless benefits we provide to Alanya are real and permanent. As an Alanya native who was not born in Alanya, I wanted to talk a little about the love I feel for my city and the feelings I experience while serving it. I would like to express our gratitude to our former Mayor of Alanya Municipality, Adem Murat Yücel, and to you, our valued members, for trusting us and delivering this valuable institution of Alanya. I would like to thank all my board colleagues who supported me. Alanya Touristic Operators Association (ALTİD) has always been our biggest supporter by putting its body under that rock in every successful work it has done on behalf of Alanya. That’s why I would like to thank our ALTİD President Burhan Sili, who has always been with us both personally and with the institutions he represents, materially and morally. Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation has always been a successful and appreciated institution and we have no doubt that it will remain so. This wind that we have started since 2014 will blow like a storm with our new President Osman. “Everything will be great for Alanya,” he said.


Alanya Mayor Osman Tarık Özçelik, who took the podium after Mehmet Dahaoğlu made the opening speech, said, “First of all, we are the ones who established our foundation in the 1990s, thinking about these days, who worked hard to bring it to this day, who raised it, who brought it to this day like watering a flower, and who made an effort for this work.” I would like to thank everyone involved in this work. I believe that their aim is; It will continue in the same way for me, my team and you. Today, maybe there will be a change, but none of us will talk about our previous friends and our current friends. You already know me somehow. You also know him from your past business dealings. “You all know, I believe you know, that I personally do not have this mindset or this thought,” he said. ALTAV’s New Management


President Özçelik said that the unity in ALTAV will increase; “I believe that whatever speed and force we have come with so far, we will strive to turn that speed and that force into the shape of a storm. None of you should doubt this. It will continue like this and the unity will increase; I know, and you know, that all of us and I are here only for Alanya. We are all running for Alanya, we will run, we will continue to run until the end. One day, when I delegate a task related to myself to a brother or a friend, I hope these friends will turn the storm into a hurricane. We will also prepare the infrastructure for this. I believe this too. I hope it will be auspicious for our Alanya. “May God not embarrass any of us,” he said. ALTAV’s New Management


Following the speeches, Hüseyin Hacıkadiroğlu was elected as the President of the Council, Ali Orkan and Nurhan Özcan were elected as Council Members, and Şevki Taç was elected as the Council Clerk.

The 2023 activity report of the board of directors, the audit board report, foundation income-expenses and balance sheets were read and accepted unanimously. ALTAV’s New Management

New management and supervisory board members were elected.


ALTAV Board of Directors Full Membership;Osman Tarık Özçelik, Abdurrahman Açıkalın, Kerim Kılınç on behalf of Alanya Tourism Operators Association, Cem Özcan on behalf of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kemal Karataş, Şükrü Cimrin, Alper Gencelli, Yakup Uslu and Gökçe Aydoğan Ergün on behalf of the Alanya Regional Executive Board of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies were elected.

Substitute members are; Tevfik Sipahioğlu, Can Som, Gökçen Kayakıran, Didem Dim Özaltın and Mehmet Tanrıtanır.

ALTAV Audit Board full member ; Hüseyin Darı, Hüseyin Değirmenci, Özkan Ünal, İzzet Köseoğlu and Şükrü Bingöl were elected as substitute members of the audit board, and Zeyni Özcan, Hüseyin Gümrükçüler and Erhan Yön were elected as substitute members of the audit board.

ALTAV Advisory Board membership;Gülçin Güner, Müge Alanay Güçoğlu, Cengiz Topçu, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKÜ) and Alanya University were selected.


Alanya Mayor Osman Tarık Özçelik, who came to the podium after the new administration was determined, said, “With the support of our previous friends, we want to accelerate this work like a storm, with the hope that if we have any shortcomings, they will complete them. After all, we are here for Alanya. “My wish is for the best,” he said.

The general assembly ended after a group photo of the new board members.


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