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İstanbul Helikopter Turu Logo (5) Abu Dhabi Workshop Event

HOME – SINGLE ARTICLE Abu Dhabi Workshop Event continues its international organizations in 2024. contributed to the promotion of Antalya in the Middle East market at the workshop event organized together with Air Arabia Airlines. In addition to the presentations and promotions of the hotels in the region, Antalya was also introduced in the workshop. Among the hotels that participated in the workshop were Maxx Royal, Kaya Palazzo Hotels, Titanic Mardan Palace, Liu Resort, IC Hotels, Ragnum Carya, Cullinan Hotels, Susesi Luxury Resort, Ethno Hotels, Selectum Hotels.

Hotels and Sales Managers Participating in the Workshop:

  • Maxx Royal Resorts / Bilal Yılmaz
  • Kaya Palazzo Hotels / Malika Begenova
  • Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel / Halil İbrahim Pelen
  • Regnum Carya / Meltem Aral
  • Selectum Hotels / Vladyslav Fomin
  • Susesi Luxury Resort / Müseyip Nasibli
  • Cullinan Belek
  • Ethno Hotel / Bahram Hasan
  • IC Hotels / Elena Düden
  • LIU Resorts / Tuğçe Keser

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