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9 Natural Wonders to Visit in Edirne


9 Natural Wonders to Visit in Edirne

Edirne, which provides unforgettable moments to its visitors with its unique architectural structures, delicious cuisine and lively festivals, also fascinates those who see it with its nature. Here are the places surrounded by nature that you can visit in Edirne. Places to visit in Edirne.

Edirne, which is an unmissable destination for travelers as a city where border gates meet, hosts many historical monuments, especially the magnificent Selimiye Mosque. This special city, located on the banks of the Meriç River, is also famous for the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling held every year. However, there are also natural wonders that amaze those who see them. We brought these places together for you:

Erikli and Enez Beaches

Erikli Beach

Located just 2.5 kilometers from Erikli Village in Keşan, Erikli Beach is a blue flag paradise of Saros Gulf, famous for its crystal clear waters. This beach is one of the Aegean Sea coastlines located in Thrace. Enez Beach, one of the first places that come to mind to enjoy the sea and sun in Edirne, has very clean waters thanks to the presence of water currents, large settlements and the absence of industrialization.

Meriç and Tunca Rivers

Edirne gezilecek yerler.
Edirne Tunca River. Image: Depositphotos

These rivers are one of the most beautiful natural areas to spend time by the water in Edirne, known as the ‘City of Waters’. Picnic areas and recreational facilities where nature and history are intertwined, extending all the way to the historical Meriç Bridge, are waiting for you. Places to visit in Edirne.

Gala Lake National Park

Edirne gezilecek yerler.
Flamingos. Image: Depositphotos

Spread over a large area of ​​6090 hectares, this wetland and forested park is an important national park that contributes greatly to Turkey’s biodiversity. A total of 163 bird species, including local, winter and summer migrants, live in the park. The best times to observe this rich bird diversity are April, May, September and October. The national park is an area rich in rare ecosystems, biodiversity and geological and geomorphological formations. It also offers a variety of activities such as picnicking, exploring cultural values ​​and examining archaeological ruins. It is also an ideal place for education and photography.

Gökçetepe Nature Park

Edirne gezilecek yerler.
Gökçetepe Nature Park – ÇAKIL BEACH

Gökçetepe is a village in Edirne’s Keşan district that stands out with its natural beauty. This village is home to a beach also known as “Paradise Lost” or “Hidden Paradise”. Gökçetepe is known for its unique views that have inspired the poems of many poets and is a very suitable place for sea tourism. Places to visit in Edirne.

Mecidiye İbrice Port

Mecidiye İbrice Port

Ibrice Harbor is an excellent diving spot for both beginners and professional divers. This region offers extremely suitable conditions for diving, thanks to its shallow and warm waters and waveless sea. İbrice Port is a destination that attracts great attention from diving clubs and is frequently preferred by diving enthusiasts. You can also visit Ibrice Port and have the opportunity to explore this unique undersea world.

Söğütlük Urban Forest

Söğütlük Urban Forest – Image:

İzzet Arseven City Forest and Recreation Area, popularly known as Söğütlük City Forest, is one of the most important recreation and entertainment areas of Edirne. Surrounding restaurants, casinos, children’s parks, sports and entertainment areas and tea gardens provide visitors with the opportunity to have a pleasant time. In addition, its location on the banks of the Meriç River adds a special beauty and peace to the Söğütlük Urban Forest. Places to visit in Edirne.

Sarayiçi Chicken Forest

Sarayiçi Chicken Forest – Image:

According to a rumor, this forest, where thousands of chickens were raised in the past, got its name as “Chicken Forest”. Today, Sarayiçi Tavuk Forest is known for hosting many medicinal plants. IV, known as Avcı Mehmet. The hunting lodge, built by Mehmet in 1671, is located in this fascinating forest. Tavuk Ormanı, which is extremely suitable for cycling in the summer months, is especially in demand during this season.


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