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5 Star Exam Camp Tourism for Students


5 Star Exam Camp Tourism for Students

Students’ preparations for exams continue during the holidays. Some schools are located in 5-star hotels “All inclusive exam camp”is organizing.

5 Star Exam Camp Tourism

The semester break continues for more than 19 million students and 1.2 million teachers who received their report cards. For students preparing for high school and university exams, vacation is an important opportunity to catch up on their subject deficiencies. For this reason, while some schools organize accelerated programs for course students during the semester break, some institutions offer accommodation in 5-star hotels. “Exam camp”It carries out.


Due to the semester break, some hotels in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions have been closed by students. İsmail Çağlar, general manager of a 5-star hotel in Antalya “Our hotel has 500 rooms, 200 of which are currently students. Students study during the day. They use the pool in their free time and participate in the entertainment we organize. We make changes in our meals according to the students’ favorite dishes. This holiday model has now become a semester culture, a very preferred model.” “The hotel has a school atmosphere.”said.


In addition to the camps in the tourism region, some students continue to prepare for the exam by attending camps and accelerated training in the city where the schools and courses are located. The opinions of students preparing for the exams are as follows:

  • Arda Tunç (12th grade): Along with the course, we entered a rigorous camping period during the mid-term break. I study 9 hours a day and solve an average of 300 questions. Thanks to my teachers, I can solve the questions I have difficulty with better, and when we are together, I correct my shortcomings.
  • Kerem Karataş (12th grade student): I prepared a camp program for myself to correct my deficiencies in the subject and solve a large number of questions. According to my schedule, I study 7 hours a day and solve an average of 400 questions. Apart from this, I don’t miss reading books and I don’t forget to make time to play basketball.
  • Esra Bulut (8th grade student): I’m going camping during the semester break. I take a trial exam every day and then ask my questions to the teachers. I study for an average of 4 hours a day and solve around 200 questions.


In the programs organized by schools in hotels, art and sports activities are also carried out in addition to classes. The daily schedule of students is generally as follows: “Departure, sports activities, breakfast, morning study, lunch, rest and elective activity, lunch study, rest and elective activity, dinner, evening study, night activity, bedtime.”


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